Sunday, a good day

Today, after church service i went to Vivo to shop for some things i really needed to get, and had lunch there as well. After lunch, my mum came to accompany me and we walked around for quite long and ate dinner together. I wasn’t expecting her to come but she said she didn’t have to cook dinner so she came and hung out with me. It felt so good to be with my mum and catching up, and spending time although we shopped and walked and ate. I miss her, we often talk quite a lot about a lot of things. So today i think we got the chance to talk more.

I think i haven’t seen my family as much as i seen alvin’s family since we moved, and i didn’t realize that i miss them even though my dad doesn’t say much and my sister only usually show black face hahaha. but it’s always fun to disturb her. We haven’t have a fixed day which we go back to meet my parents yet so i go randomly to see them. Now i know why after moving out, some people go back often to see their parents, i thought that some people visit their parents too often- i mean some really like a few days a week when i hear about it, but i guess it’s how close they are to their parents, now i understand more. i do know now, it’s like having to catch up an entire week worth of happenings when previously it was just 1 day as i see them daily.

And also it felt good to see my mum, and also felt good to be out the whole day. Usually i’m tired out after a few hours but today i really just wanted to be outside and also i enjoyed my mum’s company. I was out for 1130am- 830pm today.

I think being home all day long now is starting to eat at me inside, i didn’t have this issue previously at my parents house, perhaps because my dad is around in the day time, sometimes my sis. At night my mum comes back and i get to talk with her. besides alvin, he always had class at least 2 times a week or play soccer/ basket ball with friends 1 night a week, so I get to see and talk to more people.

But now, i only see and talk to alvin everyday, plus there’s days he has classes after work so i’m alone all day untill late night. I do facetime mel once or twice a week but it’s not really the same. I feel like perhaps i’m too coped up at home by myself, i may need to go to a co working space or actually go find a job and have colleagues. i don’t want to be one of those wives whose life revolves hugely around their husbands and it’s quite crazy.

Anyway, some of the things i really needed to get today. I managed to get table place mats from Akemi.

Sports jacket so i can wear to walk or run in the evenings, I caught a flu possibly because it’s so windy at our place and after sweating, it’s easy to catch a chill. So im going to wear a jacket from now to run lol. i’m surprised at how good it looked even though it looked very normal on the rack. And Royal sporting was having 15% off min spend $80 for ladies stuff. it’s just nice $80.

i think it’s good enough to be worn out as well! So sporty, getting into the atheleisure look.

i was never an adidas person, i am always a nike person. But there isn’t any nike jackets at royal sporting and in the nike shop itself, no nike jacket that looked and felt good compared to the adidas one. Seriously i don’t know how they survive with so little things in the nike shop. and reebonz have a pop up or a store at vivo. check out this huge bal! I love it!!

Ystday i actually also met my parents, i went to their place to have my fave prawn noodles and prata. And then they came back with me to my house because i needed my dad’s help to drill and fix up the mirror and hanger. Finally i have hanger to hang clothes! Seriously dads are still the best when it comes to handyman. I’m so used to my dad being a handyman that i feel like i have an expectation of the man in my house to do the same. Right now he’s being trained in the kitchen, but i don’t know how to train him to do handyman stuff.


“Don’t be afraid to ask and work for something more, something better, and something that makes your heart beat doubly fast—rather than sticking with just what might be good enough.”

We all know the paper bunny, here’s an article on Jaime, the founder sharing because today is International Women’s Day. These two lines, really spoke to me.




Lately, i have been wondering about this path I am taking. Not about i took/done (but currently continue-ing in this path) – leaving my job, starting this business, etc etc, I really did do some things i really wanted to try, multi label jewelry, shoe business distribution and also tried to get distribution for other brands which did not work out but i felt like i tried my best and there was nothing more i could do to those that did not work out.

However now, currently, i feel like i am again stepping into the unknown again and i wonder if it is all worth it. I really forgot why i wanted to quit my job and pursue my business full time, it was also i believed that i could form my own lifestyle instead of being bounded to a 9-5 job, alot more flexibility, alot more freedom – not the way many people say about freedom in “want to work then work, don’t want to work then don’t work”, alot of people use this to define freedom too loosely. This is not freedom, this is laziness and lack of responsibility.

When i say freedom, it is the ability to choose what is important to me, like not needing to take part in politics in office, the ability to cut off things and not focus on things that don’t make me productive (e.g. i never saw the point of doing “cca” at work just to climb the corporate ladder regardless whether you perform or contribute well at work), the ability to spend the hours doing things that will make an impact, doing work work itself and not fluff and stuff. The ability to create the lifestyle i want – for e.g. arrange my time in such a way that, i can exercise and not OT all the time.

So, this year i am wanting to change some things on the business but its really taking some time, and it may seem like its quiet. Logically i know progress will take time to see things to fruition, but along the way, it does seem like nothing is going on. I really hope that it is worth it in end and during this time, i pray that i don’t see only the short term cons but the long term pros.

Sometimes, i do think about going back to look for a job, i always tell people when they ask me how’s business – i’ll say sometimes good, sometimes not so good. The thing is, I feel like a job is good, I learn fast and I work well with (good) people. But always i feel like a business great. In all aspects, good is like a stable income, good is like colleagues, good is like a boss to take your monkey. But i feel like business is the great for me. It could be that my previous jobs were not really ideal or ideal environment even though i enjoyed the work, but i feel like i am able to withstand the cons of a business more then the cons of a job. So in a way, the title as quoted from Jaime, i feel like this speaks to me “Sometimes you have to give up the good to go for the great.”

But that saying, business may or may not sustain. There are many people who embarked on the same journey and then gone back to a job and continue their business at the side which is perfectly good as well, because practicality of life calls for bills to be paid, and basic needs of life. So in this case, good is also good enough.

Dempsey Date

It’s been a long time since we went out without an agenda.. So the previous weekend, i wanted to have real coffee and truffle fries.

We went to dempsey PS Cafe, where else for the best truffle fries in Sg!

Surprisingly it wasn’t that crowded indoors, but outdoors was full. a korean couple before us wanted outdoor, and needed to wait for 20 mins, they were okay with it. While i am like indoors please thanks!

My real coffee, after so long. Usually i go to common man for real coffee but ever since we moved, it’s just too far away. My clutch from Mischa, I have been eyeing this design for a long time so i was delighted to get it at super big discount from Robinsons because they were clearing last pieces and some not so good condition pieces.

I like it because it’s cameo but not all green. Quite edgy right? ( i have something to discuss about this too, on me and what suits me)

Grinning because so happy to eat!!!

Then help each other take photos. LOL!

Who has a better framing? obviously i m the one who took alvin, and he took me. We got the waitress to take a couple photo for us but after that he was upset that i “pull his shirt” can see his tummy Wahhahahahaha

my fault that his tummy fat meh?

We walked around and came across Dover street market. I thought they were a Korean Store! they carried Commes de garçons, and gucci?? which was kinda strange. so random.

I thought oh wow okay i can try their tees here because their pop up at Taka, people are not allowed to try the tee shirts. i always have issues with my broad shoulders and also too high neckline feels suffocating for me. So i asked if i can try, and they said for Tees, No. What?? Why? The reply was ah haha ya cannot try.

Okay then, even if i like it i won’t buy because you have a store and yet we cannot try the clothes. Don’t get it, but okay! Anyway i find that too many people are wearing the tee now and what used to be like a unique “street cool brand” now is like… i’m not sure, too common. But this is just my own opinion on style wise, i don’t quite like to see other people wear the same thing as me.

and of course plague alvin to take more photos for me hahaha even though it is not like i am so dressed up.

I am here! sarahfied.wordpress.com

Please don’t follow me on the other blog – sarahfiedrambles because thats for the old dayre posts, im currently camping on the export site to make sure i get into the queue!! hahahah.

HI GUYS THOUGH!! How’s everyone After math of CNY weekend?

okay there are still people following the other blogs, please add this one instead if you added the other one! i am making the other private so nobody can follow / see it!

Happy CNY 2018

Hello!! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Everyone had a good one? Especially Loh Hei-ing!

This year is the first year we actually give angbao? I think Haha! Cus first first marriage don’t need to right? Something like that lah.

We headed to my parent’s place on the eve for dinner. We usually don’t do Loh Hei because just 5 of us and there will be so much left over. Mum prepared steamboat and my dad bought a roast chicken. I brought some CNY goodies to their place because alvin & i won’t be able to finish everything! This isn’t all, but we were starving by the time we populated the entire table so we just gobbled up everything. Not sure why we were so hungry, i think i didn’t eat much for lunch.

So it was surge for grab app so we took a bus, first time taking bus back to my parents back LOL!!! It wasn’t too far actually, like in between 20-30 mins, had to change bus as well but it wasn’t as inconvenient as i thought!

First day, we spent the day at home and doing nothing. But instead alvin & i got on each other’s nerves.. hahahaa i’m not sure why?? I was still flu-ish terribly since 2 weeks plus ago and had to start on a new course of medicines and didn’t sleep well the night before.

Usually we don’t do anything on first day even when i was back at home (my parents place) and i don’t mind at all, and was happy. But this time in the afternoon ish, i started feeling odd and sort of like a left out feeling, thinking that everyone was outside and having fun while i was like so sad, no plans, no do anything. I just laid in bed most of the day, can’t remember doing what even! Not even watching much korean dramas.

Felt so gloomy doomy, i think it could either be me not feeling well, or some side effects of the medication.

Our second day, saw us hurriedly taking a few photos on the self timer camera and then had to run off because we booked the grab before deciding we had to take a photo! We are so nice in red, and a secret, we have been wearing this for 3rd or 4th year now. This dress, i only wear on CNY Hahahah!!! Alvin also wears his red RL polos (i think he currently has 2) and red burberry polo on CNY and National day every year. I know, we just … can’t seem to find decent red clothes lah, and just don’t wear red clothes so don’t buy many red clothes.

For Next year CNY outfits i seriously should start shopping now because it’s not easy to find nice red dresses / that suit me.

We visited 2 houses and here’s a photo of my mum’s biological twin sister. They aren’t close because they didn’t grow up together, but they do look alike? And i guess i don’t quite look like her daughter – technically by blood is my cousin.

Do we look like each other? Since our mum’s are twins.. we should sort of look like a little similar? I guess then it depends on dad’s looks on the other part or the genes Lol

Unfortunately , it’s always hard to take a group photo at my grandma’s place. But my cousin and CIL is back from NZ! One year passed so fast, he went there for some work/study thing. We stayed for dinner and it was fun catching up, hearing about old stories of our parents / aunts/uncle’s.

Younger times, At the old flat where they stayed, my grandfather kept birds and always hang the cage on the bamboo stick. My 2 aunts admitted to accidentally dropping the cage down to ground level (stayed on 5th). 1 said the one she dropped , the bird… died shortly later. The other aunt said she couldn’t remember because it was too tramautizing. So we asked my grandfather .. he only could remember 1 aunt “killing his bird”. He wasn’t angry though; and he said his friend gave him the bird and he sang beautifully. He asked the friend to come and check on the bird, but 2-3 days later, it died. My cousin (This aunt’s daughter) remember that there was a bird with a bandaged leg. We guessed they did bandage it up. hahaha Lol memories are so long ago but it’s fun to put together an entire history when different fragments comes from different people.

My grandfather went into the room and dug something out, and showed us… It was a medal that the bird won at a People’s Association bird contest!!!! Oh my….. i wonder if he was upset when it died and if he was sad thinking about it. We asked if he knew what happened to that friend who gave him that bird, he said they didn’t contact for long time. and lost contact. Ah Sad, no facebook.

I stopped one medicine (which is new) and continued another which i took before but that night, i couldn’t sleep again because i suspect of the medication i was taking causing heart palpitations so it has the effect of caffiene making heart beat excitedly to wake me up. So today i didn’t take ANY!

Third day today! Check out the outfits, my Zara TRF dress from years ago, gotta check old photos of me wearing this to determine how long. Alvin’s burberry polo also from years ago, which i remember we couldn’t decide to get or not because the size was slightly bigger then his usual. In the end we got it because it was a good price and burberry clothes don’t come by often at good discounts. I think it might be from the burberry HK outlet at Tsing Yi. Seems like it fits well now Hahahah!!!

Lunch at Vivien & Paul’s place, and it is Mark’s first CNY in singapore! i thought it wld be really nice to meet and him experiencing the Loh Hei and all. Haha! Steamboat Yummy and also finally i got to eat BA GUA!!!! and the BEST one too!

God must have heard my heart’s desire, and granted me them. i was moaning the day before why no ba gua at grandmother’s place, i usually don’t eat (it’s been a few years now) because i feel guilty as it has TONS of calories. But this year somehow i just wanted to. I think i hadn’t been eating much for 2 weeks and no appetite because of flu, so i think my body wanted to replenish Haha.

And then best thing, since Thursday, i been wanting to eat watermelon but none anywhere…today, at their place they had!

Ah many more more of these to come. Missing mel’s boyfriend (future) & shuling.

it’s amazing how, we never run out of things to talk about?! It’s like ah… sometimes you know you need a topic to discuss if not things get quiet and awkward, but with these people – no. Guess when you been friends long enough, you have everything to talk about.

Then there’s the Karaoke set, my gosh.. alvin went at it non stop!!! We also made mark lip sync to chinese songs which was so funny.

someone came to visit at night, aiyo so cute. I see a lot of dogs but he’s the first dog- after i see, makes me consider to have one. Not seriously but the thought of. I never ever had thought of having a dog before.

But after that he wanted to go home, scared his daddy leave him.

Finding me from Dayre

Dayre, a microblogging app has announced that they will be shutting down.

This post is for anyone who is looking for me from Dayre. I use wordpress since years ago but updated less here after I found Dayre more convenient to post. I have been thinking since beginning of the year to come back to wordpress and post more (for a reason, which you might find out later what is), because more of friends actually come here to read my life updates and i want to start writing (including articles) actively.

Perhaps for all the more reason to blog here more.

There is also talks of pitching to investor from one or two of the people who uses Dayre, and / or to buy the app out from the current owner. On my end, i am thinking if i should also ask someone i know if their company has any impetus or interest in the app.

Lots and lots of funds will have to go into sustaining the app, even if it’s data on cloud, scaling and growing it, and who is going to run it as new owner/CEO as the app? And how to monetize the app which currently does not earn much at all, or nothing in comparison of the amount they need to actually run the app. People think it’s just $150k yearly that the CEO of the company says they need, but actual fact is that’s probably not even covering scaling, marketing, developers, and a whole lot of other things involved. The maths of suggesting for 3k users to pay $4plus a month is really insufficient. I’ll say funding this will take a few million dollars. 1 mil first at least just at this stage for it to continue and pushing out few new features.

However, i think if a company / investor can see the potential of this app, i think they might be able to buy it at a low (good) price and make a profit out of it later, if thought through carefully on how to monetize or use the app for their purpose, and on how long it will take to see the rewards. Then again, i wonder how much will the current company be willing to sell it at.

To me, it is not about the app itself, it has built a community in there and building a community is not easy. It is difficult to create, grow and sustain one, but when you have a community – it is extremely powerful and worth trying to keep it.

I kept wanting to share this, after goal setting.. i came across this article, i rephrased some, but the points are mostly taken from this article. if you want to read the article it’s below, if not the gist of this i’m sharing here.

Title is “8 Things Successful People Never Waste Time Doing”
Link :  Bit.ly/8thingsforyou


 1. Don’t get sucked into social media 

“Being on social media—checking notifications Facebook, scrolling through pictures on Instagram, reading quick updates on Twitter, whatever—it’s part of everyday life. But if you don’t control how much time you spend on it, the hours will fly by and you won’t have accomplished anything on your to-do list.”

well social media is a big part of our lives, some of us use social media for our work/ business/ etc.. but i do realize how much time i can spend scrolling mindlessly on IG or FB.. and even dayre my favourite app is one i go on eveyday.. and even updating takes a few hours!!!

Beginning of this year, i told myself not to post so often although i really miss interacting and journaling thoughts n stuff but it does take up a lot of time and i want it to read instead. So i do use but limit myself.

 2. Go through the day with a plan 

Honestly some days i don’t do my to do list because i didn’t finish the one from day before hahaha! but yes use a planner and write things down—but only the top two or three priorities you need to accomplish that day, not a long list of things. Because you might just not be able to finish them and be so demoralized.

Just 2 Big impt things. The rest can wait.

 3. Avoid emotionally draining activities 

“If you want to step into a truly successful life, you have to focus on things that positively fuel your life. Productive people don’t waste their time on things that emotionally drain them.”

Things that you don’t enjoy, or things that don’t add meaning to your life.. there’s times we feel obligated to do or go for something because well “so bad to say no leh”. Like weddings ahhaha some people are so forced to go, just say No if you are not close, say No to people you don’t like to hang out with. Most impt say No to Drama. Drama is very emotionally draining, and also No to politics. Don’t get involved in other people’s dramas because… what is value adding to you?

i always avoid drama, which also could be abit apathetic to things, but i’m the sort of i decide to feel strongly on it, it takes away all my energy and i wonder if it’s worth it? Does it matter really? If it’s something i feel so strongly about, then i’ll better to something positive for it. Dramas are usually negative, and just zaps all your strength away. Instead, give time to good causes – like building someone up, helping your fave charity, all positively.

 4. Don’t worry about things you can’t control 

Oh well this is hard isn’t it, honestly i still do.. but for good reasons, we of course need to know that worrying won’t change anything.. unless we get a solution out of it.

“Instead turn your thoughts to action-based activities. Focus on things you can get done.”

 5. Don’t hang out with negative people 

“It’s said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So if you want to be your best, you have to surround yourself with the best people.

Be sure to eliminate negative, toxic energy around you. If you want to soar in life, you need to unload what is weighing you down.”

Those who constantly complain, X
those who always say bad stuff going to happen, X
those who say life so hard. X

life is hard enough without needing them to reinforce… Instead surround yourself with those who are excited, passionate, full of life!

 6. Move past your past mistakes, don’t dwell on them 

Learning, growing and be a better person from mistakes.. we always say IF ONLY, but well we are all first times in doing a lot of things.. i made so many mistakes in dealing with people, as well as emotionally. Sometimes i look back and say Ah i wastes my emotions on this thing / person, mistake to do that..

But learning from it so i don’t do the same mistakes again. You can too, don’t dwell on it, don’t think it’s so “wasted” or “bad”. Life is full of mistakes, and from there we grow.

 7. don’t focus on what other people are doing. 

“It’s great to be inspired by what other successful people are doing, but when you’re constantly comparing yourself to the next person and it’s bringing you down, it’s time to shift your mindset.

Be inspired by others, but focus your mindset to only compete with the most important person: yourself.”

i’m the kind who also looks at others, who doesn’t?? Comparison is a thief of joy. Focus more on being yourself, focus more on doing what you like, focus more on what you have, focus more on being you.

We can look up to people, admire them, but not be them, but we can never. Everyone has their one paths to take, this is still something i’m learning…

 8. Don’t put yourself last in priority. 

“We all go through times that we don’t get enough sleep or exercise because we need to work on a big project. But for long-term success and happiness, you must put yourself first on the priority list.”

So many people get exhausted because their work, their family, their whatever is before them..

You know how you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of everything else? If you’re sick and down, how do you take care of your loved ones? If your heart is not at peace, how can you show love to someone else?

Always carve out Me Time – for yourself. Do things FOR yourself and not for others. It’s not being selfish, it’s about loving yourself and being a good version of yourself before you can help / give to others.

Be it taking a day off to go shopping, going for nights out with friends, going to have a nice latte, if you do just 1 thing for yourself everyday, i think you will feel like you can go through the day better. it doesn’t need to be big thing, it could just be a nice cup of coffee. 😃