Happy CNY 2018

Hello!! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Everyone had a good one? Especially Loh Hei-ing!

This year is the first year we actually give angbao? I think Haha! Cus first first marriage don’t need to right? Something like that lah.

We headed to my parent’s place on the eve for dinner. We usually don’t do Loh Hei because just 5 of us and there will be so much left over. Mum prepared steamboat and my dad bought a roast chicken. I brought some CNY goodies to their place because alvin & i won’t be able to finish everything! This isn’t all, but we were starving by the time we populated the entire table so we just gobbled up everything. Not sure why we were so hungry, i think i didn’t eat much for lunch.

So it was surge for grab app so we took a bus, first time taking bus back to my parents back LOL!!! It wasn’t too far actually, like in between 20-30 mins, had to change bus as well but it wasn’t as inconvenient as i thought!

First day, we spent the day at home and doing nothing. But instead alvin & i got on each other’s nerves.. hahahaa i’m not sure why?? I was still flu-ish terribly since 2 weeks plus ago and had to start on a new course of medicines and didn’t sleep well the night before.

Usually we don’t do anything on first day even when i was back at home (my parents place) and i don’t mind at all, and was happy. But this time in the afternoon ish, i started feeling odd and sort of like a left out feeling, thinking that everyone was outside and having fun while i was like so sad, no plans, no do anything. I just laid in bed most of the day, can’t remember doing what even! Not even watching much korean dramas.

Felt so gloomy doomy, i think it could either be me not feeling well, or some side effects of the medication.

Our second day, saw us hurriedly taking a few photos on the self timer camera and then had to run off because we booked the grab before deciding we had to take a photo! We are so nice in red, and a secret, we have been wearing this for 3rd or 4th year now. This dress, i only wear on CNY Hahahah!!! Alvin also wears his red RL polos (i think he currently has 2) and red burberry polo on CNY and National day every year. I know, we just … can’t seem to find decent red clothes lah, and just don’t wear red clothes so don’t buy many red clothes.

For Next year CNY outfits i seriously should start shopping now because it’s not easy to find nice red dresses / that suit me.

We visited 2 houses and here’s a photo of my mum’s biological twin sister. They aren’t close because they didn’t grow up together, but they do look alike? And i guess i don’t quite look like her daughter – technically by blood is my cousin.

Do we look like each other? Since our mum’s are twins.. we should sort of look like a little similar? I guess then it depends on dad’s looks on the other part or the genes Lol

Unfortunately , it’s always hard to take a group photo at my grandma’s place. But my cousin and CIL is back from NZ! One year passed so fast, he went there for some work/study thing. We stayed for dinner and it was fun catching up, hearing about old stories of our parents / aunts/uncle’s.

Younger times, At the old flat where they stayed, my grandfather kept birds and always hang the cage on the bamboo stick. My 2 aunts admitted to accidentally dropping the cage down to ground level (stayed on 5th). 1 said the one she dropped , the bird… died shortly later. The other aunt said she couldn’t remember because it was too tramautizing. So we asked my grandfather .. he only could remember 1 aunt “killing his bird”. He wasn’t angry though; and he said his friend gave him the bird and he sang beautifully. He asked the friend to come and check on the bird, but 2-3 days later, it died. My cousin (This aunt’s daughter) remember that there was a bird with a bandaged leg. We guessed they did bandage it up. hahaha Lol memories are so long ago but it’s fun to put together an entire history when different fragments comes from different people.

My grandfather went into the room and dug something out, and showed us… It was a medal that the bird won at a People’s Association bird contest!!!! Oh my….. i wonder if he was upset when it died and if he was sad thinking about it. We asked if he knew what happened to that friend who gave him that bird, he said they didn’t contact for long time. and lost contact. Ah Sad, no facebook.

I stopped one medicine (which is new) and continued another which i took before but that night, i couldn’t sleep again because i suspect of the medication i was taking causing heart palpitations so it has the effect of caffiene making heart beat excitedly to wake me up. So today i didn’t take ANY!

Third day today! Check out the outfits, my Zara TRF dress from years ago, gotta check old photos of me wearing this to determine how long. Alvin’s burberry polo also from years ago, which i remember we couldn’t decide to get or not because the size was slightly bigger then his usual. In the end we got it because it was a good price and burberry clothes don’t come by often at good discounts. I think it might be from the burberry HK outlet at Tsing Yi. Seems like it fits well now Hahahah!!!

Lunch at Vivien & Paul’s place, and it is Mark’s first CNY in singapore! i thought it wld be really nice to meet and him experiencing the Loh Hei and all. Haha! Steamboat Yummy and also finally i got to eat BA GUA!!!! and the BEST one too!

God must have heard my heart’s desire, and granted me them. i was moaning the day before why no ba gua at grandmother’s place, i usually don’t eat (it’s been a few years now) because i feel guilty as it has TONS of calories. But this year somehow i just wanted to. I think i hadn’t been eating much for 2 weeks and no appetite because of flu, so i think my body wanted to replenish Haha.

And then best thing, since Thursday, i been wanting to eat watermelon but none anywhere…today, at their place they had!

Ah many more more of these to come. Missing mel’s boyfriend (future) & shuling.

it’s amazing how, we never run out of things to talk about?! It’s like ah… sometimes you know you need a topic to discuss if not things get quiet and awkward, but with these people – no. Guess when you been friends long enough, you have everything to talk about.

Then there’s the Karaoke set, my gosh.. alvin went at it non stop!!! We also made mark lip sync to chinese songs which was so funny.

someone came to visit at night, aiyo so cute. I see a lot of dogs but he’s the first dog- after i see, makes me consider to have one. Not seriously but the thought of. I never ever had thought of having a dog before.

But after that he wanted to go home, scared his daddy leave him.


Finding me from Dayre

Dayre, a microblogging app has announced that they will be shutting down.

This post is for anyone who is looking for me from Dayre. I use wordpress since years ago but updated less here after I found Dayre more convenient to post. I have been thinking since beginning of the year to come back to wordpress and post more (for a reason, which you might find out later what is), because more of friends actually come here to read my life updates and i want to start writing (including articles) actively.

Perhaps for all the more reason to blog here more.

There is also talks of pitching to investor from one or two of the people who uses Dayre, and / or to buy the app out from the current owner. On my end, i am thinking if i should also ask someone i know if their company has any impetus or interest in the app.

Lots and lots of funds will have to go into sustaining the app, even if it’s data on cloud, scaling and growing it, and who is going to run it as new owner/CEO as the app? And how to monetize the app which currently does not earn much at all, or nothing in comparison of the amount they need to actually run the app. People think it’s just $150k yearly that the CEO of the company says they need, but actual fact is that’s probably not even covering scaling, marketing, developers, and a whole lot of other things involved. The maths of suggesting for 3k users to pay $4plus a month is really insufficient. I’ll say funding this will take a few million dollars. 1 mil first at least just at this stage for it to continue and pushing out few new features.

However, i think if a company / investor can see the potential of this app, i think they might be able to buy it at a low (good) price and make a profit out of it later, if thought through carefully on how to monetize or use the app for their purpose, and on how long it will take to see the rewards. Then again, i wonder how much will the current company be willing to sell it at.

To me, it is not about the app itself, it has built a community in there and building a community is not easy. It is difficult to create, grow and sustain one, but when you have a community – it is extremely powerful and worth trying to keep it.

I kept wanting to share this, after goal setting.. i came across this article, i rephrased some, but the points are mostly taken from this article. if you want to read the article it’s below, if not the gist of this i’m sharing here.

Title is “8 Things Successful People Never Waste Time Doing”
Link :  Bit.ly/8thingsforyou


 1. Don’t get sucked into social media 

“Being on social media—checking notifications Facebook, scrolling through pictures on Instagram, reading quick updates on Twitter, whatever—it’s part of everyday life. But if you don’t control how much time you spend on it, the hours will fly by and you won’t have accomplished anything on your to-do list.”

well social media is a big part of our lives, some of us use social media for our work/ business/ etc.. but i do realize how much time i can spend scrolling mindlessly on IG or FB.. and even dayre my favourite app is one i go on eveyday.. and even updating takes a few hours!!!

Beginning of this year, i told myself not to post so often although i really miss interacting and journaling thoughts n stuff but it does take up a lot of time and i want it to read instead. So i do use but limit myself.

 2. Go through the day with a plan 

Honestly some days i don’t do my to do list because i didn’t finish the one from day before hahaha! but yes use a planner and write things down—but only the top two or three priorities you need to accomplish that day, not a long list of things. Because you might just not be able to finish them and be so demoralized.

Just 2 Big impt things. The rest can wait.

 3. Avoid emotionally draining activities 

“If you want to step into a truly successful life, you have to focus on things that positively fuel your life. Productive people don’t waste their time on things that emotionally drain them.”

Things that you don’t enjoy, or things that don’t add meaning to your life.. there’s times we feel obligated to do or go for something because well “so bad to say no leh”. Like weddings ahhaha some people are so forced to go, just say No if you are not close, say No to people you don’t like to hang out with. Most impt say No to Drama. Drama is very emotionally draining, and also No to politics. Don’t get involved in other people’s dramas because… what is value adding to you?

i always avoid drama, which also could be abit apathetic to things, but i’m the sort of i decide to feel strongly on it, it takes away all my energy and i wonder if it’s worth it? Does it matter really? If it’s something i feel so strongly about, then i’ll better to something positive for it. Dramas are usually negative, and just zaps all your strength away. Instead, give time to good causes – like building someone up, helping your fave charity, all positively.

 4. Don’t worry about things you can’t control 

Oh well this is hard isn’t it, honestly i still do.. but for good reasons, we of course need to know that worrying won’t change anything.. unless we get a solution out of it.

“Instead turn your thoughts to action-based activities. Focus on things you can get done.”

 5. Don’t hang out with negative people 

“It’s said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So if you want to be your best, you have to surround yourself with the best people.

Be sure to eliminate negative, toxic energy around you. If you want to soar in life, you need to unload what is weighing you down.”

Those who constantly complain, X
those who always say bad stuff going to happen, X
those who say life so hard. X

life is hard enough without needing them to reinforce… Instead surround yourself with those who are excited, passionate, full of life!

 6. Move past your past mistakes, don’t dwell on them 

Learning, growing and be a better person from mistakes.. we always say IF ONLY, but well we are all first times in doing a lot of things.. i made so many mistakes in dealing with people, as well as emotionally. Sometimes i look back and say Ah i wastes my emotions on this thing / person, mistake to do that..

But learning from it so i don’t do the same mistakes again. You can too, don’t dwell on it, don’t think it’s so “wasted” or “bad”. Life is full of mistakes, and from there we grow.

 7. don’t focus on what other people are doing. 

“It’s great to be inspired by what other successful people are doing, but when you’re constantly comparing yourself to the next person and it’s bringing you down, it’s time to shift your mindset.

Be inspired by others, but focus your mindset to only compete with the most important person: yourself.”

i’m the kind who also looks at others, who doesn’t?? Comparison is a thief of joy. Focus more on being yourself, focus more on doing what you like, focus more on what you have, focus more on being you.

We can look up to people, admire them, but not be them, but we can never. Everyone has their one paths to take, this is still something i’m learning…

 8. Don’t put yourself last in priority. 

“We all go through times that we don’t get enough sleep or exercise because we need to work on a big project. But for long-term success and happiness, you must put yourself first on the priority list.”

So many people get exhausted because their work, their family, their whatever is before them..

You know how you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of everything else? If you’re sick and down, how do you take care of your loved ones? If your heart is not at peace, how can you show love to someone else?

Always carve out Me Time – for yourself. Do things FOR yourself and not for others. It’s not being selfish, it’s about loving yourself and being a good version of yourself before you can help / give to others.

Be it taking a day off to go shopping, going for nights out with friends, going to have a nice latte, if you do just 1 thing for yourself everyday, i think you will feel like you can go through the day better. it doesn’t need to be big thing, it could just be a nice cup of coffee. 😃

Hair Update Colour

my hair colour now is like i don’t know what colour hahaha Like Ash Brown?? The lavender is all gone i think! And it’s more like a grey brown?

I’ve been thinking to put a photo on my linkedin profile and i found a spot good for selfies.

Is this good for linkedin? There’s greenery behind and i don’t want a formal stiff photo.


I wanted to share that last week i had lunch with mum in town and we went to Kith’s. i wanted to shop for CNY/ bday outfit but NAHH NONE.

Had Granchio, crab meat tomato based.

And this is a set that comes with a ice tea. They didn’t allow us to change to other drinks even with top up. Other then that, the beef and the aglio olio was so good!

they have a $15 set lunch and $20 set lunch, this one is $20 one with more meat.

Kith is at a really obscure place, behind Heeren, at the new service apartments ground floor. It’s quiet n nice place for lunch, (and maybe dinner too?)

Clumsy Day

Not sure if it’s the cold but my hands are super clumsy today!

I made breakfast and broke an egg all over the table and dripped down onto the cabinet all the way down onto the floor. Good thing alvin is not at home because he’s sure gonna nag big time.

Then i washed the pan and wanted to pour water at the side of the sink to wash the bits of food / soap down but inside threw too high and the water collected at the corners – cannot push the water down because mines a top mount sink. So the water gathers there and was going to drip down the cabinet as well.

I opened a new pack of coffee cans and stock them in the fridge, and dropped one onto the floor Thank God it was not directly onto my feet, it was SO close! Clank, the can fell very loudly. If Alvin was around, he’s gonna scream bloody murdering his floor.

I started to dry the cutleries and plates because we cooked last night, etc etc. And i fumbled with a plate, it nearly went onto the floor. 😳😳😳😳 i was so terrified. Then i looked at the knives drying and i decided not to risk it anymore since i’m so clumsy today, i might cut myself or stab myself or drop it into my feet so i just left everything on the kitchen top and let alvin do it tonight.

Dinner last night made by alvin, only i made the soup base because he 0 clue. He’s super chingchong need to use the chinese bowl… and untill now it still hasn’t sunk into him that i prefer using bowl instead of plate because i’m a rice in the soup person. 😃

Yongtaufu was bought from the market by a couple who handmakes them.

& i cannot stand how alvin keeps all the plastic bags and “recyclables” because he’s very concern about the environment. He kept the one that carried the yongtaufu on the kitchen table top to “use it to dispose stuff later” and the fishy smell from the fishballs is so overwhelming! i went to throw it away this morning.

On the second thought i should have kept it there for him to smell it on his own to realize how smelly it is and learn how to throw it away.

I feel like sometimes it’s a challenge to “train” someone because you need to bite back your tongue and actions to let the person experience the effects and consequences of something before they realize and learn from it.

The day before i roasted beef in the oven, but it was for too long, so it ended up too hard hahaha

and i did roast veg and creamy chicken mushroom pasta! this one pass

Fry shallot and garlic and untill shallot is see through and then cook chicken (cut up pieces) untill it’s almost all cooked then put mushrooms in. After mushroom is cooked then put the cream sauce in. Simmer for awhile and it’s done.

Finally drink gongcha as well. Wow it’s been years i think since the last gongcha i drank?! okay maybe since they closed down that time, i didn’t drink the “last time” before they close.

also went to LV to look for a bday present for myself. I thought i wanted to change my wallet but found the wallet i wanted to see, very deep. Instead the SA introduced this cute sling bag. Very cute, but ah? only can put my phone n a card holder. I think i’ll skip although i think it’s very cute.

she gave me a sample for the perfume to try. The perfume bottle can be personalized with your name and then bring back to refill the perfume and it will be $120 off because you use back your own bottle. I’ll say very clever because 1. personalized is the big thing for our generation , 2. environmentally friendly because you don’t throw and use a new bottle.

Last night, That’s me under the throw that @rinetsute got me from turkey, very very soft and comfy, made of premium cotton. Then i ate ice cream too. 😃



So i think i’m in some partial low tolerance mood today, we attended alvin’s friend wedding lunch, and otw there i took a cab.

the uncle kept braking and usually i just accept that taxi drivers always don’t know how to drive properly and just hope i don’t puke before i reach the destination.

But instead today instead of keeping quiet , i asked – Uncle why you keep braking ah? Nobody in front of you what. (because i decided that maybe cab drivers don’t know they drive suckily)

He said , the car behind keep coming very close to me.

I was like ? ? No sense… what has it got to do with him?

Then we kept quiet and then we got on the expressway. He would accelerate and then stop and acc and stop. Then the braking started again. So i asked him – Uncle, why you brake? The car in front is very far away.

Then he said behind car looks like coming close, i brake to warn them.

me – ????? They come close to you, is their problem right? It’s not your problem

Then he said, I want to warn them because if later on i brake suddenly, then he cannot brake in time and become accident.

Errrrr okay, i get part that if a car behind cannot stop in time if the front car brakes then it will bump into his back.

But it makes no sense to keep looking at the rear mirror and warn every single car not to come close to him by braking constantly.. throughout the whole journey. It is something which the driver cannot control – how close the car is, behind.

Instead of looking and concentrating on the front, and going along the way, he keeps looking at the back. I thought the most braking happens is only when you see the car in front brake, and not when you see the car behind.

It makes no sense to me because won’t it create more accidents because he kept braking randomly and constantly…?

i really don’t get his logic, there’s reason why the front view is BIGGER then the rear view mirror right? To concentrate ON THE FRONT, not behind!

And how close the car comes to your back isn’t your problem, even if you brake to “warn” them, tailgaters are always tailgaters.

anyway, i got down the cab and i’m like seriously so annoyed and nauseas. PRFF!

i actually find Grab drivers better then Cab (taxi) drivers.

Later i also was thinking if this is some kind of lesson i’m supposed to derive from?

I draw Driving parallel to Life – we shld keep looking and going forward instead of keep looking backwards and being obsessed at the past/ live in the past that we cannot control / out of our control / can no longer control. There’s a reason why the front view is larger then the rear mirror. Keep looking keep going forward.

If not it will make you seriously sick.


And i was so tired aft the wedding lunch… even though i didn’t do anything, just sat there talk with alvin’s friends & their wives and eat.

Do weddings make people feel like that? I feel like although i did not attend a lot of weddings but feels like i attended enough.. Not that i don’t want to celebrate their day because i know it’s impt to them but i don’t know, just drained or something from sitting there. I got two weddings to go in May, one is a lunch and one is a church. Generally maybe it’s the setting of the wedding? I can’t put a finger to it yet. But church wedding does seem more fun and less draining.

one of his friend brought their 4 YO son, he’s so cute but i know they are only cute when they are not yours. He is a lady’s boy, so quick to hold my hand to “go play”, and give bye bye hug. But he didn’t want to hug alvin. Hahaha only like pretty girls. i told his mother, next time you need to be careful, think he will have a lot of gfs. 😂😂

I’m also amazed at how much they can understand?? i used to think that you have to speak like them, “baby language” for them to understand you but he understands perfectly when i speak normally.

He saw the water feature and ran there. pointed and say water! and ask Can i touch?

I said No you cannot because you will get wet. Do you want to get wet? He said no, and did reach out to touch, just looked at it. 😳

I asked his mum, does he actually understand everything we say?? Isn’t it chim for him?

She say no, sometimes he says more chim stuff 😂😂😂

He started sneezing, so i said Are you cold? Let’s go outside where there’s sun and warm Okay?

He said Okay, and happily hold my hand and went with me. Then when we reached the hotel lobby entrance & stepped out, I asked if he’s warm he said There’s sun! Its warm! (something like that) and started prancing around Lol

of course his mum started yelling at him not to run out to the road where the taxis where dropping off passengers hahahaa

i think he makes me think that we could consider to have a kid but its going to take YEARS before they turn this age and is this cute. 🙄

alvin often ask me if we could have a kid but immediately to be 3-4 years old Hahahaha i think he feels the same way as me.

We joked and said we borrow him for a day, his parents said YES PLEASE! By all means! Lol They look so happy.

But aft that we said ok, how about just 1 hour hahahaha. When people too readily give up something means it’s not a good deal.

I think maybe to have some mental preparation, we could babysit him for a few hours, i think we will be exhausted by the end of the day.

But no we did not, of course he went back with his parents 😂

How to do Goal Setting?

(This is taken from a post on 11th Jan 2018 I have from another micro blogging site i used for a year, which is going to be shut down soon, and i decided to port everything that I think is useful back to my blog here!)

Its 2018.. and Have you all done your goals for 2018?

So i’m not the kind who do goals actually, i’m more of the lax kind, see what then do what. But i start to see that it is impt to set goals to feel and be accomplished at the end of the year.

I thought to share how to do goal setting since we are at the start of the year.

I came across Lara Casey Blog (Laracasey.com/blog) a few years ago, i think about 3 years? And I found her goal setting series very useful. Not to say, that some are quite daunting so i guess not everything will work for you too. She has these set of powersheets where it guides you to write down your thoughts and dreams, then your goals and how you are faring with your goals throughout the year.

Honestly it was very very daunting and hard when i first tried it and after awhile i gave up, because it felt very rigid and scary in a sense.

This year i decided to pick it up again, went to her blog and filter what i needed and just cut out some parts where i think it’s not that relevant to me because it only stresses me out instead of being helpful.

So here’s like an “edited” version from her goal setting series that i think will work for me, and i probably also added in some stuff myself.

and by the way, she has this really good book that i read and found it really useful to build my confidence when and in running my own business, take charge of some of the things in my life. If you are someone who is looking for a change in your life, or just want to be better at something/career/hobby/person, you can check out her book. This is not all about business, but more like personal.

Some of us kind of just sail through life without being present and then when we know it, we realize what have we been doing?? So hopefully if that’s you or not, this book might help.



 1. Review the last year


So take time to go through what you did last year, events, milestones, activities, travels, stuff like that. So you can see what big or small thing that you did in each month so you see where you spent your time on. Don’t have to list everything, just things you remember or want to remember.

For me, in Jan i celebrated my 30th bday with a unicorn theme party, thanks to my friends & family it was a blast.

In Feb, started a new pop up place, joined General assembly as digital marketing teaching assistant, and rehomed 4 cats (mother & 3 kittens) That really took most of my time! haha!

In April, we went to Phuket our first resort holiday and got our house keys. And in May – we started the renovation, did another class at GA, met up with some of the girls for a Dayre Flea, and went on a trip with my closest friends for Yoges’s hen’s trip in Hk. (its been 2/3 years since we traveled together!)

So and so.. forth i did this. Well there’s probably some bad stuff happening in between but honestly i can’t remember other then reno being super stressful time for me.

And then, i wrote down how i felt / feelings and thoughts in some of these events – happy / sad: etc. This is to check if i enjoyed what i did, if i want to do more of it this year. And if there’s anything i didn’t enjoy, i would want to stop or do less of this year.

 2. Reflect & Thoughts on Personal, Work, Relationships, Spiritual, Health, Finance, Travel. 

For me these are the things that are important for me. Travel is not so much because i don’t have a list or bucket list of cities / countries that i want to go, and don’t have a thing where i must travel X times a year. But if it’s something that you do then put it in.

So you might have more categories or less depending on how you center your life around. Perhaps for you, you have a hobby or a side business then add that in. You might not place much emphasis on spiritual or relationships or anything up here then remove them as well.

So for me personal are like my own being as a person – my emotions, my feelings, my thoughts, how i think about myself, how i feel about myself.

Many of us compare ourselves to others right? So there was one year where i kept having this FOMO of not being at the events/networking where other successful business people were. I kept looking at their IG and see what they are up and thinking if i’m not there, i’m missing out on some learning or something, or they will be more sucessful/ smarter.

At the end of the year I learnt that it was making me feel very unhappy and left out, and also does not mean that every event is for me. As saying no is as impt as saying yes, being selective to going for events and networking sessions is as important. So i stopped being “jealous” of them.

Every year there’s something to “get over”, or “grow out of” for me, some struggle or something that bugs me or something i’m trying to make a decision on how i feel about it.

Last year, i was struggling with identity. I kept seeing this person and that person doing great work, very meaningful, very purposeful. Like changing the world (sort of) and i m like i want to be like her. and Her. and Her. and live her life. It’s very strange to say this but after that i was very confused hahah.

Like who exactly do i want to be like…? And it technically isn’t impossible to follow/ copy what they do because anything is possible, but do i really enjoy what they do and their life? i’m not talking abt the “high life” but life related to their work (like being so meaningful, having a part to play in this world) So i’m not going to say who, but obviously i met some of them. sort ofc i look up to them because they look like they really enjoy their work and work is intertwined with life.

And then at the end of the year, something click in me (after much thoughts, prayers etc) that i’m not exactly like them and everyone has different opportunities and interests. I could look up to them but no needing to go to the point where i “copy” them.

And it was time to really create the work and life i wanted.. not what other people have.

So the same for Work – ask yourself questions like are you satisfied? What were you happy with at work / for work? Is there anything you can improve, do better this year? Anything you want to see yourself change from, or push yourself to a new level. If past year was very shaky for you then you can choose to take it easy and “stable”.

E.G alvin took up some certifications related to his job, and after getting 1, he rests for a few month before pursuing another. It could be year(s) for some.

These reflections will kind of lead you to think what you want to do / what goals you want to set for this year.

In health- how are you? Been exercising regularly? Happy with your current level of fitness? or you feel you been quite sick and eating a lot of junky stuff last year. How do you feel about it? Are you sleeping well the past year and if you need to sleep earlier..

For me, i’m pretty happy status quo, doing 1-2 times workout a week and then walking or jogging 1-2 times a week. I track my exercise with Endomondo App so at the end of the month i can see how many times i exercised and it’s very satisfying to see yourself chalk up the number of clock ins.

In terms of Spiritual, how was the past year been for you? And do you feel you need more?

For me i joined BSF (bible study) somewhere end of last year and it was probably the craziest thing we done (mel & i) we went in not knowing what to expect.. and we came out making new friends and picking up a greater understanding of the word and signing up for BSF again this year.

And also i felt that i was very weak in many areas especially trusting God … with my reno. So, do this for all the categories above and you sort of start to see slowly your goals coming out for this year, from what you went through last year .


Focus on 
– What are you grateful for, went well for in this area?
– What are the challenges you faced in this area?

 3. Intentional Goals

So it’s easy to just say i want to lose 4kg this year. I need to exercise more this year, i need to save more this year.

But we gotta dig deep and find out WHY you want to do it exactly and not superficial like i wanna be slim. It is more like – I want to be healthy so i can live a good life, able to spend time with my family, feel good about my body and can live a long satisfying life. Something like that .. okay? Sort of i hope you get it. Haha!

List down a few Goal Ideas, big pictures / words, don’t need to be specific yet and then ponder on it for a few days.

Example if “Life” has been on your mind.. like looking for a purpose in life, or wanting to enjoy your life more. Just write life and jot down a few ideas below it.

And then think about it more specially what exactly in “Life” you want to achieve or improve on and fill in the below

Goal :

Why :

The positive effect taking action on this goal may have on my life/others (How it will impact me/others) :

How i will feel at the end of this year having made progesss on this goal :

Starting Steps :

How I will know I accomplished or made progress on the goal :

Encouraging words / quotes / bible verses (whatsver that will encourage you) :

How I will celebrate at the end of 2018 :

For Me


So i have 3 major goals this year. I mean too many also can be exhausting right? Let me share one of it..!

Goal : To start writing as a hobby / for leisure again.

Why : I always loved writing, and enjoyed it a lot. But i stopped for many years and i want to start again. I miss doing something purely for enjoyment (and maybe destressing) and i always wanted to write a book / publish a book. It’s something i “always” wanted to do but only thought about it, so i should do something about it, this as a start. (ok pardon me but this doesn’t sound like a very good why but i can’t explain more why.. i just really want to do it purely for enjoyment, and also perhaps for others to read something interesting!) The impact it will have on me / others : it’s a step

closer to my book “dream”.

How i will feel at the end of the year : i will look back and see how many stories / articles i wrote and feeling proud that i wrote more compared to last year 0.

Starting steps : Set a 30 day challenge and write anything for 300-500 words a day.

How i will know i made progress : I will have a folder in my computer with doc files filled with short stories / articles in them. If it’s decent, i’ll share online and let others read.

Encouraging words : This one i need to come back to it

How i will celebrate at the end of 2018 : Let people / someone read my stories / story. (Hopefully a decent story comes out of it). hahahahahahaha Compile into a book and give to people for Christmas 😂😂😂

I am not limiting myself to articles as well, articles that may help others (like this one??) The why is because i think it will really help some or even 1 person.

So anyway this is just an example of mine. If you want a better one, please go to Lara Casey Blog in her Part 5 – she explains it more clearly.

Then fill up how many goals u want!

For me this year i have 4 goals but of which the last one is something not as important (i think.. for now).

 4. Tips to remember for goals 

(All the quoted ones are from Lara Casey website, and the non quoted ones are my own opinions/sharing what i do)

1. Set goals that mean something to you.

Don’t create goals out of comparison or guilt, do good goals that really make your life better.

2. Break it down

Break down your goals into small chunks like getting started, first step, second step.. and slowly add on.

3. Choose one goal as your priority

“It is okay to grow slow. In fact, it’s really good. The recipe for burnout is to try to make progress on ALL of your goals at once. Choose just one goal as your priority this month. That doesn’t mean you can’t work on others, but choose one to really sink your teeth into this month. If your goals truly matter to you now, they’re still going to matter to you next month, or whenever you choose to work on them.

Grow slow and steady to give things time to grow well.”

This one i found it super super useful because i was just trying to do everything before i saw Lara Casey’s this tip. It’s so true that we only can focus on 1 thing at a time and it is okay to pick 1 goal and work on it as a top priority for that month. (or 2 mths if you wish) Or if you ranked your goals in terms of which is most impt to spend most time on, then this works too.

I was wondering HOW am i suppose to read, write, pick up some new financial knowledge on top of that do house hold chores after work eveyday? There’s just not enough time to do everything!

Of course someone just said – don’t sleep lor. LOL That’s not very helpful right?

4. Embrace progress, not perfection

When we first start on something new like, wanting to exercise 3 times a week, at times we only can do 2.. because too tired. Or we don’t jog as for as long as we like – say 30 mins but we only can do 15 mins. Do it slowly, first month – do 2 times a week of 15 mins, then 3 times a week or 15 mins. Then slowly lengthen the duration as weeks pass. It helps to not be so stressed up about getting it perfect.

5. Keep going at it

Sometimes we might say go on a holiday or suddenly work trip and we have to skip the exercise routine, but it is okay! don’t beat yourself up. Just keep going and small consistency over time counts a lot.

6. Embrace your season.

“No other tip gives me more freedom and joy in goal setting than this: we were made for seasons. Lose the goal-setting pressure by embracing this truth. You don’t have to set a goal for all of time. Your goals may grow and change as you do.

Choose a date every 3 mths after your goals to do “Goal Refresh” on those dates (Include a post-it note with these questions to ask yourself about each of your goals: Does this goal still matter to me? Why? Is there anything holding me back from making progress? What little-by-little progress have I made so far? Are there any goals I need to let go of, tweak, or add?)”

Sometimes our goals may not be that impt anymore after 6 mths or we feel like we need to refine the goal abit. Be free to do that because we all go through seasons in life, for example perhaps you find that exercise 2 times a week is good for you and you are happy with it, and wants to focus on something else. Or you planned to jog x3 a week and you kinda prefer to swim. So that’s fine!

7. Set yourself up for success

“When you are growing something new, weeds are bound to pop up and try to suck the life out of what you’re growing. So, set yourself up for success and don’t let the distractions try to throw you off track on your goals!

I have installed WasteNoTime for Safari (allows you to limit usage of certain websites), Ad Blocker Plus for Safari (removes banner ads that try to pull your eyes away from what you’re reading), and Newsfeed Eradicator for Chrome (removes your Facebook newsfeed and replaces it with an inspiring quote—genius!).”

I’m not as hardcore as her! for me, i get super distracted with Social Media like Dayre hahaha and IG stories.. and also i spent A lot of time on whatsapp messaging people.. partly maybe i’m abit lonely since i moved to my own home and i find myself losing time.

So i will try to write every few days only and also put my phone aside / not start convos with friends on whatsapp when i’m supposed to be doing work! And not spend my time pressing on IG story unless i have set aside time for that.

This applies not only for big goals but small things as well.

One of the thing that i wanted to do was to sleep at 11pm (or at least midnight) because there was many days recently like a week or 2 ago, where i ended up sleeping at 1am plus plus and felt so shitty the next morning and my eyes were really tired. it was like i was so “busy” don’t know doing what untill so late then still wanted to read so like argh man!

So i mentally made a note to start settling down earlier. i set an alarm on iphone at 10.45pm to tell me that’ it’s almost 11pm and to wrap up whatever thing i am doing to go bed at 11pm.

So far i been pushing it to 11.45 or 12.15pm but the alarm still goes off at 10.45 pm. it gives me like a mental prep to tell me it’s almost time to sleep, start doing one last thing – usually reading and that’s it.

So this includes also number 4- where i’m making progress that i started to sleep earlier and not having tired eyes and feeling tired the next day. So i’m tweaking and thinkng perhaps by certain time i need to have showered and by a certain time i should be starting to read already. So let’s see how this goes! And perhaps i don’t need to be so strict that i have to sleep at 11am, maybe sometimes 1130pm or 1145 is fine, as long as it’s not 1/2am like before.

8. Put your goals front and center

“One of the main reasons goals don’t get accomplished may seem silly, but it’s true (and I’ve fallen victim to this in years-past!): we flat-out forget about our goals. Out of sight, out of mind. We do whatever is habit instead. But, we aren’t going to let that happen in 2018, are we?! Have your goals out in the open and written everywhere and anywhere!”

9. Cultivate your calendar

“Whether you use a digital calendar like iCal or a physical day planner, fill your calendar with what matters (your goal action steps, rest time, time for relationships) before it gets filled with all the other things of life.”

Write all your TO DOs that are your goal related for the day in that day in the calendar. So when i was trying to get into a exercise routine, i do write “Go for jogging” on the days i want to exercise and tick them off after!

And i mentally made sure i postpone the jog to the next day or push it to the day before if i have to do something that day – like meet a friend for dinner or attend a workshop. So that i don’t lose that jog, instead “replace” it on another day.

10. Think outside the box

Instead of reading, try listening instead to a book. Instead of reading at home, if you travel on bus or mrt, try reading a little during the journey. all these add up.

For me, i haven’t figured out how to get creative with my goals yet haha! Maybe write a little while

okay i think that’s it!

Hope this has been helpful for anyone who starting to really do goals, if you just pick 1 thing to try and see how far you come at the end of the year, i hope you feel satisfied and it’s good to see!

it’s been a long post!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

A little late but hope everyone had a great time with loved ones over the weekend!


We spent the eve with my family, these days it’s nice to have gatherings. Perhaps it is because i’ve moved out and most of the time i’m with myself or alvin. And the other most of the time with mel (on facetime) Lol.

And it felt nice to be with family again. I think i miss my family although my parents just watch TV in the living room and my sis just lies on her bed all day. but it’s different you know, knowing what they are up to is a comfort by itself.

It’s starting to feel like i crave for company in particular, colleagues. Although i know that having colleagues aren’t all that fun. (haha)

Last night i laid in bed, and looked around the master bedroom before shutting my eyes, wondering is this really MY room in MY house? It’s an odd feeling.


Today happy birthday Mel!


although she’s away in vietnam, we are gonna celebrate when she’s back, to welcome her to the big girls club.

Wishing that you will never act your age. Hahahaha.

Honestly, a little sad this year because we didnt get to celebrate christmas and the two dec babies bdays, which we did last year at V. I don’t know why, it feels odd not to. Maybe after celebrating with family, i want to celebrate with friends too. But we are meeting after everyone is back in Sg, hopefully still have christmassy vibes.

Unfortunately, our house isn’t all ready yet, it’s hard to host any group of friends for Christmas. Hopefully we can for CNY! Although i much prefer Christmas, the feel is all so different because celebrating for a reason that Jesus came, and it’s such an apt time to invite friends who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Meanwhile i will practice baking and cooking skills. 😂

26 -3

Today was only me having dinner myself, so i just did some chicken in the oven with small carrots and some asparagus. I think i over bake it so the chicken felt like abit dry.


for lunch i heated up the roast beef that i brought back from the gathering on the eve with salad – added apples and cherry tomato later. i was hungry after even thought i had this really late for lunch. although i thought beef would sustain the tummy. how does those people eat salad day and night only??


I tried making bread and butter pudding! I was feeling itchy to try something different on christmas because we just lounged at home and really had a good rest.


Used white bread, butter in between them, raisins, then soak them in a mixture of milk and egg and sugar for 10 mins before baking.

I used 1.5 bread, without the skin. 1 egg and 100ml of milk? and 1 box of raisins i wasn’t even sure how much milk i used i just randomly poured, and half a table spoon of sugar. (for 4 people, use 4 eggs, 500ml milk, and 2 table spoon of sugar, so i just reduced the portion for 1 person accordingly)

lucky i got this tiny le cresset pot to do this, because my next smallest baking tray is the glass ware that i have to probably bake for 4-5 people. And i was thinking what if it sucks ahhaha. i even contemplated getting vanilla ice cream and giving it away to a friend / neigbour whoever stays nearby after baking, but i was afraid the bread n butter pudding will turn out tasting horrible.

So anyway i thought okay let’s try in the small pot first. i thought purchasing this wld be useless.


I kept going to the oven and was so thrilled when the bread rise. Hahaha

When it’s browning, i took it out. and it smells great.


the texture is okay, but the taste wasn’t as sweet as those we have at the hotel buffets? i figure next time i need more sugar, and also something missing – i think vanilla essence. need to smell more fragrant and vanilla-ish. And Cinnamon powder.

The amt of butter that was bubble up when it was baking really freaked me out, that’s seriously a lot of butter. I read some recipes that the drier the bread, use more butter. i don’t want to imagine how much butter and sugar the hotels use!

I texted the girls and v said to use cream instead of milk next time, cus sg milk is very “mild” and not creamy compared to UK / angmo countries i presume.

It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t THAT great, alvin took out his Kaya ice cream and we ate it with that. i think it’s nice to have Cold and Warm together. Then when it was almost finished alvin said he ate something bitter hahahah. Lol i don’t want to know what it is, maybe a burnt raisin.

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to put a lot of sugar since i will want to serve it with ice cream, and ice cream is sweet itself. or vanilla sauce.

I think i’ll refine the recipe one more time and try again hahaha i love bread and butter pudding!! it’s something i look forward to when i go hotel buffets. 😂


Other day we did baked salmon n veg. Rosemary, olive oil and salt. I add the teriyaki sauce after finished baking that because i find the pots keep getting burnt because of the sauce and gotta scrub the base, soooo annoying.

Truthfully we do this so often (bake salmon) that i’m super sick of salmon now. But i just bought 2/3 slabs and it’s in the freezer 🙄

Oh yes the kompacplus cut out from the sink / hob is gd as a coaster. Hahaha. Don’t forget to ask for your cut outs if you like to use them like this. thanks to @/thepacartans who shared this that we request to get the cut outs back if we ask the ID.



Alvin’s cooking, these days he cooks more then me and his fave is prawns with everything literally . He puts them in veg and then eggomelette. i’m not a big fan of prawns but i just eat the other stuff besides prawns hahaha

there’s a handmade yong tau foo stall at the market and we bought twice from them before, pretty good.


His fave, veg and prawns. i m also not a veg person hahaha i prefer salad then cooked veg, i feel like they are very soggy and wet.


he tried aglio olio style hahah not too bad but something odd about it. later aft consulting my aunt (the big chef) he realized what was wrong, cannot cook the garlic untill brown and cannot cook the spaghetti in the olive oil with garlic. Suppose to just “toss” the spaghetti in the olive oil (aft cooking the garlic and chili) with the fire off. if not the spaghetti will get fatter and fatter and explode. Just kidding. Just fatter and mushy or something.


I did baked pasta twice and twice the cheese failed on me.

chop n fry half a white onion and one clove of garlic (depends on heavy the garlic smell you like)

Put in the mince beef when the onion turns translucent. i used 230g for 2 pax which was just nice. first time i used half only and it wasn’t enough. hahah


Cook untill beef is not red anymore


Then put in tomato sauce. i always use preggo, cus all the salt n sugar n what not else is already in there. Very very first time i followed a recipe that used another brand and i didn’t think much when the recipe says put sugar. Then the sauce became so sweet instead of savoury. So now i don’t put anything, not even salt when cooking the beef.


Cook the pasta concurrently and then lay it out on the tray / pan whatever u use to bake it


Mix the sauce in the pasta then put the cheese on top.

i m not sure what’s wrong this 2 times because the very first time i did at my mum’s house, the cheese was perfect.


Bake !!! need to pre heat the oven as well, go at 180 degrees untill the cheese turns brown (about 25 mins onwards), however brown you want – up to you.


I use this brand and this particular one that has 3 cheese for baked stuff.

So it has Cheddar, Mozzerella and Parmesan.

i’m pretty sure it’s this one that’s perfect for baked pasta / rice but i’m not sure why twice i did this the cheese did not turn stringy and long, instead it was clumpy like it was cold?

Maybe i didn’t put out the cheese long enough for it to become room temp, or didn’t bake it long enough for the cheese to completely melt. OR maybe the cheese was expired, because i used the same pack for both times, half for the first time & half for second.


Serve, but the cheese was clumpy underneath. But still tasted good hahaha

come to think of it, the cheese doesn’t look brown enough) perhaps it was still cold ahhaha