getaway at JB

been desperately wanting a getaway somewhere. JB seemed like the only place we could afford time wise to go.

alvin checked out thistle hotel in JB after i mentioned that i read it somewhere. we went off to JB on saturday noon n stuff myself happy with half priced nandos at city sq. happy happy. also kim Gary. and also seafood (zichar) dinner. only came up to be 80 ringgit (33sgd) for the amt we ate. crayfish, lala, frog leg, etc etc.

nothing to buy, all the clothes look too old fashioned. spent most of the time submerged in my happiest hobby – lying in bed, reading a book and snacking.

view from our room, we got upgraded into a executive room for free. bigger room with pretty bathroom. I enjoyed the quiet place, lack of crowd and slow pace of life there. see the pool below too. (they also put a sign to only wear full swimsuits, no bikini)


thistle hotel is around 10-15mins ride by taxi or shuttle bus from city sq. they provide free shuttle service to city sq to n fro, so very convenient for a nice hotel.

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