relaxing in bKK

spending my weekend in Bangkok now. :>

eating eating and massage massage.

MK restaurant (steamboat) at MBK . & roasted duck & emerald noodles. their soup is always yummmmmy.

we always have to eat here everytime we come to Bangkok.



Mbk sells lots of electronic stuff on the top level. I saw people buying ipad2, etc, lots of accessories.

Tons of iphone covers, bought a Paul smith one for alvin only because I couldnt decide what I wanted! ipad2 covers were massive.


at Another Greyhound Cafe (Siam paragon) fusion Thai/Italian food.

very interesting and tasty stuff. we see only the rich people hang out at Siam Paragon. this Cafe is supposedly Atas. but here we are in shorts and slippers.


Bread/Bun with butter

They serve warm bun before the start. it’s crispy outside and inside tasted slightly sweet.


Tom yum Gung – came with two huge prawns


Grilled chicken with potato wedges and Thai payaya salad.

it came with some tata sauce and tomato sauce. Thai salad was very fresh, even the spicy sauce they used tasted sourly fresh.


Phad Thai with prawns.

overall this had a pleasant sweet taste with lots of bean sprouts which hannah n I didn’t eat. the glass noodles cooked with egg, prawns, shrimps.


Brucheettes (spelling?)

with minced chicken/pork with basil leave. like the usual dish but on a bread.


Fried rice

forgot what this was, had some shrimps and stuff, I didn’t eat much of this, just so so. I guess the rice stuff here are not fantastic .


Fried chicken wing

Supposedly their ‘signature’ but its just like skinny wings at Ewf without all the fats. standard chicken wing taste. good for appetitizer or small kids (think my sister) hahaha


iCe tea with milk (the ice cubes are actually tea!) they also used gula malaka so it tasted a little funny.


mom happily sucked on the ice cubes when we were done drinking.

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