bKK v2

yup let’s continue with the gd cheap food in Bangkok:)


Authentic yummy thai food at Ban Khun Mae Restaurant located at Siam Square Thailand Bangkok (near Novotel Hotel where we stayed). I think it was the best meal i had there, and i would love to go back there for another round soon. haha!! Its really convenient, sort of just across the road!

Looks like a old house decor.



Coconutsss, the usual must have drinks.




The Ice milk tea which was nice and sweet, very much like traditional Tei-Ping.









Glass noodles with prawns. We saw many people eating this so we wanted to try. Very tasty, and the prawns were all inside (hidden). And boy, BIG prawns! It was the most expensive thing which we ordered but only cost less then 15 (if i recall)






Spicy Thai Papaya salad. The sauce was sweet and spicy, although i thought the vege stuff was not that fresh compared to hounds cafe one, but it was not horrible. Probably would have been better if they serve it more chilled.




Tom Yam Gung. (soup) MUST have when you’re in Thailand. haha! It had just the right amount of spicyness, salty-ness, and very generous amount of ingredients. We all had at least 2 bowls each. This might look small, but i assure you that the bowl is really deep. (haha)




Prawn Spring rolls! Came with the sweet plum sauce (or something like that) . Crispy and served hot. My fave! I can say i loved almost every dish that they served here. And at very affordable price.




Green Curry with chicken. I can’t recall much but it was mild, and thickness was just fine. I hate the watery curry and the thick curry, no complains about this one. But i think its worth the try.






We would have tried desserts if we were not already soooo full and satisfied (and HAPPY) with the food! The bill came up to be around $50 SG i think. Which is very very worth while seeing the amount of food we ordered. It fed 4 of us :)


Tango (opposite Ban Khun Mae)- sells mango desserts that thailand is so famous for! I didnt get to try this but i will the next time i go back:) Its always crowded and packed, filled with young people when i walk pass there.










LoveBakeShop , also known as CupCake Love. At Central World. They even have a website (http://www.lovebakeshop.com/) I think the owner is very entreprenuerial. The cupcakes were of cuz niceeeee. I wish i had brought home some, but no, they would end up being milkshake or something on the way back.






Red Velvet Cupcake. (As always, after humming bird in London, i have to eat every red velvet i come across, epecially to taste the cream cheese whatever on top)







Random cafes in Paragon ~


Cafe detu






After you (??) hahah!








Read about Vanilla and Lenotre, they were just opposite each other. We went in both at first to take a look at the dessert menus. Vanilla seemed to serve food as well, and the dessert seemed more appetitizing, but it had a 30-40 mins wait time, and we were all sooo tired, so we ended up at Lenotre.


looks like a nice doll house or something.


Lenotre  (from Paris)

Lenotre didn’t impress me, and their service sucks. I will go Vanilla next time.






Tiramisu  – gotta ask hannah how she liked this. I forgot really.





Chocolate caramel Eclair. It was like …. sticky sweet caramel inside, i thought my teeth were just going to stick together forever. People with braces or dentures, please don’t try this, Although it was pleasant to eat. hahaha.





Refreshing lime drink i had.. was sooo sour. I cringed but it was good :D





Honey dew ice blended (picture is self explanatory) I can’t remember if mom actually ate that. and omg hannah’s irritating finger!!!!!




I guess we didnt eat that much in Bangkok. I miss MK steamboat already… and tom yam gung…..

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