Quick notes – Milestone?

last Friday I got my LASIK done. i wasn’t nervous but everyone kept asking me if I was, and it made me think. I was definitely ok untill the procedure itself. was actually quite nervous/anxious. I did not have perfect vision the next day, it’s day 4 now and it’s still hazy especially for words. i can see big objects ok. I think it’s because I have very high astig, and doc also told me that my pupil is 7mm compared to the normal 5.5mm that Asians have, recovery will be slower, and also he reallzed that when i close my eyes, they dont shut fully. Again, this would be another factor to longer recovery.

plus it doesn’t help when I constantly fear that I might have creased my flap! I’m glad I’m going to see doc tmr to post op and see if everything is ok. I keep thinking I might have creased it on my left eye today, yesterday was right eye, but mom says it looks perfectly fine. ah patience to have a paranoid daughter.

Against all, I decided to trust Jesus for everything, that it will heal and everything will be fine.

here’s a very ugly pic of me with my eyes being shielded up every night to sleep. sorry for scaring you all.


I have taken another two days off, so I I’ll only be going back to office next Monday. it will give me time for my Vision to get clearer and for me to recharge & listen to loads of pastor prince sermons to “satisfy my soul in drought”.

And its probably one of the few things I actually made a sure decision about, knowing me, I’m so-always-cannot-decide. The other thing I made a sure decision about was to take up a package with blikram yoga. I did a 3 class trial with alvin & it was pretty good, although I have to stop for a week or two because of LASIK but i’ll continue.

I m happy that I m actually sure of a few decisions I made. It makes me feel gd rather then the wimpy yes no maybe me. “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind”.

& today had some time with hannah and mom. we had a quick try at The plain. Was ok, I think it was okay-Ly nice. think the hot chocolate & poached egg was nice, I wouldn’t say very very fantastic, but I was still hungry after that. haha!

the plain cafe at Craig road (tanjong pagar)



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