be refreshed

Finally it’s the weekend! although I had a day off for Zara sales,



I can’t start to explain how awful i felt physically, I was extremely beaten tired. woke up tired and also tired for the past week, like my body just felt crumbled and crumpled.

at sales I bought a reasonable amount, a skirt n a dress frm Zara and 1 skirt from stradivarious, I think I look abit fat but it’s such a nice dress and only $35! mom was the happiest! got her dress on $80 off! she nearly bought it before the sales, lucky she decided not to and waited- original $170.


met mel for lunch & tea, has been a long time. and played a fool in zara hahahah!



had a interesting night at gardens by the bay with alvin yesterday night, Jason Mraz concert. From what i can tell, he’s an environmentalist too. His pictures and videos flashed were ice melting with penguins, trees, etc.

Fave crowd winning songs were the old ones I’m yours, you & I , and the very famous Lucky- Corrine may came on stage and sang the duet with him. Her voice is incredibly low compared to Mraz’s. but very nice for bossa nova and I’m happy to hear her live too. new song- I Wont give up and another song which I don’t know the title! and another song im not sure if it’s new – living in the moment , goes like live life easy and breezy, have peace in your heart. It occurred to me, how serious i take life to be sometimes. Just let go, take it relaxed. Don’t take life too seriously and fill it with worries.

Mraz sings LIVE better then recorded on CD. and the sound system was SO clear and good. I’m very very impressed. I can’t be bothered to search who did the production ( unusual?) or whatever but very good! the shuttle services were prompt and frequent and there was gd marshaling of the crowd. very organized!

only there were kind of weird people behind us. at first they sat down, and a whole lot of people sitting at the “hills”. later four of them stood up. Granted that it’s a standing do whatever you want concert, they blocked everyone’s views and that wasn’t very nice. others who wanted to stand , stood at the sides or right in front of the stage. everyone at the hills sat and wanted to just relax. A lady came and request for them to sit but the guy brushed her off and say you have ur views and I have mine, this is a standing concert. Told her she could move to the front if she wanted. that really wasn’t very nice. but Im glad (and blessed) to be sitting in front of them so we didn’t need to get all annoyed and pissed. But they were really strange. From lying on the ground when the concert started to standing halfway, and sitting in between. Trying to be “free” like the western countries, no one stop them from dancing even but they forgot to be considerate ? well I don’t know, these people are the scariest, because they do seem well educated from the way they speak- then i wonder.

finally it’s Saturday and sleeping in LATE, determine to finish my BOOK which has been meaning to be read from last Sunday !! and plan to eat alot, listen to some sermons and get refreshed over the weekend.~~~


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