its the last night in florence now, and it’s been a wonderful stay at the host place. it’s one of the most comfortable places we stayed so far and the restaurant food (il brinchello- a trip advisor recommended, and our host recommended place) has been amazing. we even got a discount on the 2nd time we dine there. we asked our host if this was normal, he said strange! he never had discount before. ah, blessed) I love the tiramisu although friends have said the best would be at Rome (our next stop). our host is around our age and it’s been an eye opener talking to him about life in florence. quite very different from Singapore, perspectives and people are very open minded here, also very eager to learn english and “value add” themselves constantly, as well as pursueing their passion beside just their job.


this is a view frm the Ponte Vecchio bridge at florence .& I bought a “painting” finally along the river.


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