Revisit 12 June Entry

i revisit my entry that was written on 12 June. I realize at this age of 25, and given a set of choices- I’m more proud of making a decision than my decision itself. How did this happen? was it how our education system that taught us how to just blindly follow, and our paths had all along been decided for us? Or I was always an indecisive person?

Looking back and counting the number of decisions I made, I realized that most if not all of, I don’t regret. Whether it was good or bad, I stuck through it and never thought any badly.

One of the biggest one is probably my boyfriend. The decision to be together, although many down times, on the whole I don’t think I ever felt any regrets having this relationship.

the second would be my LASIK. somehow I was so sure I wanted to do, I went ahead. Although my eyes are not fully recovered, they are taking a slow recovery, being dry every now and then , I know it will eventually fully recover. I do at times wonder oh if I have never done, i won’t have this problem, but as fast as it comes, I find myself thinking, I m happy that I did anyway.

most recently, I went on two holiday trips, despite having some legs issues. they turned out to be incredible. I enjoyed it so much, and my legs were perfectly fine in Aus and Europe, strangely enough.

However after all these, I somehow still have trouble making decision, perhaps I weigh pros n cons too much that it’s exhausting. and I’m scared of making a wrong decision where I would regret. Maybe if I make decisions with more confidence, and more often, I will eventually lose this fear in time to come.

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