Holiday Mood – Brunch at Strangers’ Reunion Cafe

Tomorrow is Deepavali, so everyone’s in Holiday mood today. Hannah, Mommy & I headed to Kampong Bahru to try Strangers’ Reunion. Hannah has been bugging me since last last week. Passing by Kampong Bahru Road almost everyday, but I have never seen a cafe! Today i realized, because they have such an obscure door – it looks like a runned down door with nothing inside. So surprised when Mom was like oh its here! I was like ?? huh? I didn’t take a shoot of the door cuz i was too shocked.

Anyways, its slightly dim inside and looks very cosy, they have all sorts of different types of tables and chairs, wooden ones, makes it look quirky and vintage. The paintings on the walls were abstract ones.


Mom ordered Waffle with Maple Syrup and Fruits. ($8.50) The waffle was well made, and went every well with the bananas and strawberries. Mom commented that it had a good after taste , not like some other places where there’s a bitter after taste.


Hannah & I ordered scrambled eggs on muffin with smoked salmon & salad. ($13.50 0r $13.90, i kind of forgot) I was surprised at the portion initially, i thought wow so small!  I was mentally comparing the portion to the huge croissant with salmon we had at Toby’s Estate. But after tucking in, I realized it was just nice, because i couldn’t finish everything too.

Oh yes i had already taken a bite off my egg and muffin in this picture. hahahah! And my first thought was oh the egg looks so watery. But after taking a bite, it was good, and they had put salt and pepper and whatever else! The muffin was perfect, not so hard , not too soft and tasted fab with the egg. 100000 times better than mac’s muffin (no comparison here)



Mom’s non fat latte. (latte’s are $4.90)


& my “weak” latte. I usually only take half shot of expresso. And i liked how they didnt give me a funny face when i said, just half shot of expresso. The waitress just smiled and said ok! (I hate it when waitress/waiters give me a rude face and say what? half? Its like no taste and not enough expresso. People have personal preference right?)


Hannah’s Ice chocolate with Ice cream, not too thick chocolate, the ice cream was yummy.


I would definitely come back again, and its a nice place to chill with friends for brunch, or family of course:) & the lattes were good, for me not bitter and towards the milky side. Its a good cozy place, even maybe for a birthday celebration. I think the impression it left me was COSY. Oh yes, the only grouse was there was poor 3g signal inside, but all good, we would chit chat instead of fiddling with our techs. And of course great because NEAR MY HOUSE!:p
37 Kampong Bahru Road
6222 4869
Open daily 9am-10pm, except Tues.
(This Deepavali open – which falls on a Tues.)

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