6 days of ideas

Today marks the day 6th of ideas inc. It was pretty intense workshop and I think I got to know myself a little better.

I am SO SO SO SO exhausted with the cough I was having. & now headache.  Met many people, which was fun. The first 2 days I had so much thoughts that my head buzzed and I didn’t sleep much at night. And i am still lacked of it now because i’m pretty sick now.


The notion that they all hold is “ideas are cheap”. Very sad, but I found out that every idea you have, someone else already has that idea. To me, its just how you execute it. Social networking – Friendster, Myspace has been around before Facebook. But when facebook came, everything exploded. and “don’t hold on to your idea too long, you will fall in love with it” keep your ideas going around, if you hold it for too long, you find yourself struggling to let go. Our first idea was crushed when we found that there was already an App exactly like it. So we let go.


Also, I learnt quickly the type of people i can connect with, the type I don’t want to work with, the type I would like to be friends with, the type who i rather not have a conversation with. I also found out that Singaporeans are very judgmental, and I guess we are brought up that way.

Being Young

One other thing that strike me was that people tend to judge you even before you open your mouth, just because “you are young”. For me, young isn’t a problem, we lack experience but we make it up in terms of eagerness, willingness and alot of openess. I think young people can do things simply because we are willing to take advice, suggestions, and being open to it. Our minds are like a big empty box, just waiting to be explored, in and out. This is one thing that I would like to prove people wrong. Like steve jobs said Stay foolish. Young people are foolish, and we are not afraid to admit it.

Worth it

If you ask me, was it good? I would say yes, intense and tiring but i would still have done it again. I think i enjoyed it more than i thought i would.


I guess I learn that I cannot be too hard on myself, I gotta take it easy. A friend told me, if you are not ready, then better not do it. There’s no harm in taking time to be where you want to be. & that really woke me up. If i’m not ready, then I shouldn’t be doing this.

Yves Pigneur ‘s workshop and business model. He is really clear and very good at this. I doubt you would get this anywhere else.


Our own business model. Don’t laugh. (LOL)


& Us going out on the streets to validate our assumptions. Matthieu one of my grp mates (from France) being very happy with the two boys we interviewed. Very tall hair btw.


& me, with a lady. hahaha see how happy she is too! (awkwardly but spontaneous)


& of course, I got to meet her. It was totally unexpected, there was some other event going on and I just happened to be out listening to guest of honour speaking. She said she noticed me from afar, (hahaha, must be my eye bags & messy hair). We spoke abit and she gave me her contact. heh heh. She said my email/number is here, if you were to go meet the Mp session its going to take very long so just drop me an email, if i don’t reply yet, give me a call! (omggg , i’m a total fan now, gah gah.)


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