Charlie Brown Cafe Food Tasting at 313 Somerset


I will update this in awhile but here are some pictures of the food tasting at Charlie Brown Cafe, arranged by

Wahhhh happy girls to have free food tasting session at Charlie Brown Cafe at 313 Somerset. Thank you Charlie Brown Cafe &





Ivy & her happy mash potato with saussage. hahahah! In front of her is the mushroom soup. Very nice, tasty and light. There’s bits of mushrooms inside as well. :’) The cream is light and frothy, so much so that it melts into the soup if you don’t eat it right away.





This BBQ chicken is marinated by the boss & also the chef (is himself) overnight, and its really yummy. You can see that its sauce-cy and sweet from the colour. I think its great for kids, they would love it. Plus mid wings – double plus!


Fried golden brown chicken. The flour they used is crispy and light, slightly peper-ry and light tasting, not too heavy and salty. And it doesn’t feel as oily and greasy like KFC. The skin is really quite a thin layer, crunch crunch.






There’s pizza too, I gotta find the picture in a jiffy, I will be back!

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