Weakness in “No”.

I thought I should share what I have been going through past couple of days.

Its really difficult to get to know new people, because you might click or not. I found some I click and found some I thought I can click. Basically for past two days, I didn’t get much peace / good vibe from a particular new person I got to know. And I also reflected upon myself why I had all this angst moments in me. I think sometimes I feel like being nice doesn’t pay, although we should be always nice right? And I like being nice except when people step all over me and expect / demand from me which only is a favor in reality; on my expense.

I think it attributes to the fact that my parents are generally obliging and perhaps through the years I never really learnt to say “No”, or make a stand for myself. And I think I m learning it now. But its also a fine line where I offend someone, or disagree, I think it boils down to HOW its being said and done.

And 1 thing I learnt, trust my instincts , gut, whatever its called. And nothing is ever worth being waken up at night, if the issue causes me to wake up at night, it should be dealt and cut off.

At many times in our lives, we can feel taken for granted or unappreciated or someone demands something from you – as though you owe them a living. I think nobody owes anyone a living, so its always nice to be nice in general but draw a line when you start to feel that way.

& God knows what I am going through, today’s devotion  – Psalm 66:12 
 … we went through fire and through water; but You brought us out to rich fulfillment.


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