Yoges’s birthday – Don’t cry while getting waxed

December is when two of my best friends birthdays are, very close to Christmas. Last year we didn’t get to spend it together but this year, was just fantastic.

Yoges birthday was first so let me dive straight into what we got for her. Last year her present was supposed to be a Brazilian wax at Strip, unfortunately, due to some unknown circumstances which i forgotten what – highly likely due to the fact she was scared or made up some lame excuse, we forgot, it wasn’t done. This year, Mel & I were much smarter. teeheehee.

Mel got her ballons which Yoges is SOOO AFRAID OF.



First we brought her to have lunch at P.S Cafe at Palaiss. I’m quite surprised at how good the food was! Except the service was mediocre, closed to “sucks” in layman terms, I told Yoges to just enjoy the food and ignore the bad service when we walked in. I heard many rumors about how bad the service was and how they “anyhow” charge customers. So anyway, a waiter who came up to us pointed at his “Mandarin Please” badge when we spoke in English. Yoges was shocked speechless. I was surprised too, granted that it was more of an “Ang Moh” place, not a chinese restaurant.


So here’s what we had. note, don’t order Ice Mint Tea or perhaps any ICED tea, they just taste like water.

truffle fries, spaghetti with meatballs and softshell crab sandwich. Sorry my pictures didn’t come out too well hahaha too hungry.




followed on, we broke the news of how we bought her Brazilian wax package last year and it expires 1 year from that date, which was exactly this date on her birthday. And that she had to go, if not it would be wasted. AND also, if she doesn’t claim her last year birthday present, it will roll over for the next 10 years until she uses it, in order for us to give her the REAL this year present.

IMG_3258 IMG_3256


teehee. Surprisingly she grudgingly agreed, so off we went to Strip Wheelock. Mel was so surprised when the therapist asked Yoges – are you ready? She said YES readily and went in.


Mel and I sat outside giggling when we heard some noises and then we wondered if she would run out half way, or kick/ harm the therapist in any possible way. (At the same time, we wrote her card, “Hope you had a memorable birthday and like your presents” and ended off with “FRIENDS FOREVER!” We were pretty sure she will never forget this.) After 20 mins or so, they were done! I quickly paid and see her walking out with a zombie-fied face. Mel & I? – happily laughing. Mel hugged her and say  SAYANG SAYANG Lets go have a cake to cheer you up. HAHA! Yoges tearfully said I HATE YOU ALL. Poor baby. We love you!!! And proud that you made it through!

Just for the record, we did not buy any package so it did not expire. It was the ONLY way we could trick convince her into it. We just made an appointment and paid on the spot after she was done. muahahah, i don’t think she realized it, and we did not tell her. She would only know if she’s reading this now.

She said the therapist lie to her when she asked if she could go and was it done? Therapist say yes yes almost done, and continued. It went on for a long time. hahaha!

Anyways, we whisked her off to Tiffany & Co, and got her to choose a necklace – her real present. She completely forgot about the ordeal Brazilian wax before. :’) At first she was undecided about the small double or big signature Return to Tiffany heart so we went off to Canele for her birthday cake first. Then came back later.



On the 2nd time, I remembered that Tiffany notes also had one, so i showed it to Yoges, and upon setting her eyes on it, she loved it ! Almost immediately, she decided it was the one! Picture credits to Tiffany & Co.


Nixon attended to us and we chose the engraving font etc. Nixon is from upstairs the diamond & wedding bands section and he attended to me before. I really like him because he takes time to advice you and get to know what your preferences are, most importantly he’s really patient. If you are looking for diamond & wedding bands, you can go to him. His name is pronounced as Nick-son, he’s got this funky hair do.

here’s yoges with her happy present.


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