good bye Lion’s mane, shunji matsuo 313

This post is for the transformation of my usual messy ugly hair into neat nice and :’)

Everyone knows I have super curly and therefore messy hair. Especially my fringe, its a stubborn streak which I have no idea where it comes from. I’m not that stubborn, am i? Here’s a picture where my fringe is long and the top is assjhdfsks. I usually get it rebonded once a year. and it was nearly time for me to do something about it.


I figured that i should go fix it before Christmas and New year, with all the events I had coming up. But sitting for 4-6 hours in a chair waiting for my hair is really a pain in the butt, emotionally, physically, literally.

Mom goes to Shunji Matsuo for many years now, and a few weeks back, she came home with really nice soft rebonded hair, I was very impressed (for the first time). As last year, the person who did hers ended up being so disastrous and it is really an emotional scar to pay a bomb for the hair service and be unsatisfied with it.

Mom told me to go Shunji Matsuo at 313 Somerset and look for Caely. So I called up and made an appointment in a jiffy, I got a slot. No hassle to mulling back and forth on dates or time slots.

Here I am with my horrible ugly puffy hair and eye bags. PARDON ME!


As you can see, my fringe is always kept long, as it curls easily, the weight of the long fringe wil pull it down. And most hair dressers won’t cut my fringe short for the fear that it might bounce back to being curly. I always thought so too.

Two ladies who did the chemical part and hair washing/blowing part asked if I was one of the bloggers. I was surprised, like hmm? what? I didn’t catch it. Then I realized they were asking if I was one of their sponsored bloggers. I was like hm no, why? I hope I can be though. They said oh you look like one. How nice of them. I didn’t put on make up or anything, and dressed comfortably (means sort of crappily). So Yes Amen, I hope they will.

I spend alot on rebonding throughout my life and one of my hope is that I get a hair sponsor since I will make good advertisement for people with stubborn curly hair. And I don’t dye or highlight my hair although I have always loved to have something copper reddish black or brown, simply because I can’t afford to pay more after the rebonding, treatment and haircut.


This time, I thought I wanted to try something different to have a swept fringe look that covers my forehead. I think I look younger like that, plus i have high forehead (..) I showed Caely one picture that looked like what I wanted, and she encouraged me to go for it. She also said it won’t be a problem after the fringe is bring rebonded, it will stay and not go crazy. PLUS, she helped me change my parting. My parting has never changed from young, it was always on the left side, but i noticed that the parting will grow too pronouced. I had to get used to having hair parting the other side now.

Caely used Cosmic cream for rebonding and cut my hair… If I am not wrong, only Shunji Matsuo has this cosmic cream where, although it takes a little longer time and less damaging to the hair, keeping it soft and natural looking. I was quite hesitant at first about cutting my fringe short, but she patiently reassured me many times and it will look great.

4-5 hours later…

What I did? Soft Rebonding with Cosmic Cream, and Hair cut.




After rebonding, I’m not supposed to wash it for 24 hours, So here’s what it looks like at home. I like how it looks NATURAL and not DEAD STRAIGHT.



& I also like to push my hair backwards when I find that it irritates my forehead and eyes abit. So i get two different looks now. (Oh thats just Mel’s empty Hermes box)


& here’s one of me with Dahpne, at her esplanade open night gig. (She’s looking punky rock star now following her dreams.)

I like this picture with my hair looking neat and pushed back naturally. :’) & I don’t need to worry about blowing or drying, I left it to dry naturally.


We were old time kiddy best friends back in Primary School at St Margs. (Those who don’t know Daphne Khoo, she was in Singapore Idol, she recently released her new single “Carry On” – can purchase it here )


I think I found myself a place I can go to do my hair regularly from now, as I am quite terrified of hair cuts etc, I used to cry everytime I cut my hair, but this time I am really happy with it. The feeling of pain sitting there for 4-5 hours, paying a big sum of money, and later feeling like its all worth it because I am happy with the service and results, friends commenting that it looks great. It feels like its all worth it, and that is how you are suppose to feel!

So anyway, those who want to get a hair cut, dye, highlight, treatment, rebond or any other services, just call them up. Plus the location is great, just above Somerset MRT, so convenient! You get 10% off chemical services for quoting any of their sponsored bloggers name.

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313

313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 
313@Somerset, Singapore, Singapore 238895 

Hair Stylist: Caely Tham
Contact: +65 6238 0226
Web :

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