He’s my soulmate.. too bad he’s not gay.


pic credits: missmarriedlady.com

“So honey, am I your soulmate?” Almost immediately I said, “No I don’t think so!” to defend myself as a not so needy, emotional, stereo-type girlfriend who thinks her boyfriend is her soulmate. As sweet and romantic it sounds that the boyfriend / fiance / husband is your one and only soulmate… I grew up pretty much having Mel as my best friend for 10 years. If anyone came close to a soulmate, I think it might be her. We don’t agree on everything, but we talk about everything and comfortable talking about nothing. Granted that I tell Alvin everything too, I think lets just put it that 10 years is more then 5. Maybe both of them are…? shrugs, I don’t really think about such things ever.

Then he asked, “Are you my soulmate?” I said, “I think Jimmy might be?” And then he pondered for the slightest while and went “Hmm yes, well too bad he’s not gay.” & We laughed so hard.

Jimmy is one of his closest closest friend since secondary school (I would call him the best friend but guys are usually not so particular about this) , NS buddies and also room mate in university for 3 years, they been through much gay times together in uni hostel/hall time. One time alvin showered and came out in underwear only, and Jimmy slapped his butt. Alvin said he felt kind of weird…  You get my drift? (On the side note, I find that a real man is not afraid to say that he likes/loves a friend dearly and not afraid to be teased about being gay.)

but really, he has a steady girlfriend for more then 10 years and now is his fiance. I hope he will never come across this, because its just going to be soooo awkward!

This is one of those really random things we talk about and forget really quickly later.

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