The Rude Bitter Angry People


This morning, I went downstairs to get a can of nescafe latte – as always my morning coffee. The husband and wife owns the provision shop. The husband is very kind gentle and always says thank you. But the wife always has a grumpy face. Anyhow, this morning it was her who was tending the store. 

I paid $2 and was getting $1 coin back. I reached out my hand to collect but she place the coin with a thud on the counter and looked away. I wouldn’t say “slam” but it was really like a gentle slam – if you know what I mean, it made the “thud” sound. & I felt some what like an idiot, analogy – reaching out to shake someone’s hand and they completely ignore it. Wow why so angry?

Usually, I would get kind of annoyed like its rude right? But these days I start to learn that its not personal. These people are rude angry bitter, because their outlook in life is that life is so hard for them, they turn bitter and become this way. Sometimes its because they have been through tough times in their lives. Have you ever seen a happy person being rude? Honestly, its hard to be nasty when you’re happy. Those people who always have a ready smile on their face, those who are the first to say oops sorry! on the train when they accidentally bump into you, those who graciously let you walk first, and those who gratefully say thank you when you let them.

And I noticed that most of these angry bitter people are old people. Some really have been through hardships in life, and life was not easy for them so they turn bitter inside and it forms on the outside. So, I would like to challenge you – when someone pisses you off because they are rude, take another look at their face, see that inside they are sad bitter people, and have compassion for them – instead of snapping back, if you cannot manage a smile for them – then just walk away. Because I learnt that its not a personal attack on the receiver but on themselves. Their lives must really suck badly, and I am grateful and thankful for my good life. 

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