Photos are memories of only once.


Last week Alvin and I met up a photographer whose work I really like, for our pre-wedding and wedding day.

First thing he asked was where is wedding venue and have you gotten your dress? When I said no to both, he looked at us, surprised. I was abit offended honestly, I straight forwardly with a slight displeasure asked him Why? Whats wrong? (To me, I didn’t see what was wrong with looking for him first! And I had admired his work since 2010.) 

He said usually couples settle for a venue, and girls get their gowns first then LASTLY was the photographer as though it was the least and last thing they did. 

Ohhh then I realized, I didn’t have to be offended. HAH. Because I guess Alvin & I are much different from others. People do things different in the order of what they think is important – in other words, priority, and we don’t have to be the same like other people as we are not.

To us,  a photographer is the most important part of this wedding thing. Mainly because he will capture all the memories that will last for the next 50 years, and we want to be proud our pictures 50 years from now, and not hide them in a corner embarrassed by how crappy our tastes were back when we were young. THAT moment or any moment in the few hours is only going to be ONCE. We can never turn back time to re-do the scenes and all the emotions & feelings again. And when we discussed it before, alvin said he was willing to pay for a good photographer as many of his colleagues and friends shared their experience with him. Personally, he also saw some of their photo outcomes and how the photographers worked on the wedding day, some were less then mediocre. One of his colleague even said that if he could turn back time, and he knew, he would have paid more for a better photogpraher. HAH! So seriously, after ALL that would have passed, your wedding day will whosh by in 24 hours and whats really left for you to hold are the photos which would speak a thousand memories of that day.

(and even if you’re ugly, good photographers would know how to make you look good.) wink wink.


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