What do you want to do?

More then very often now, I get this same question. Sarah, what do you want to do? I would very awkwardly say.. I don’t know.

Or Do I?

What do I want to do? How would I know? What do you like then?

I get very adverse to these questions simply because I have no answer for them. I don’t know what I like, I don’t have plans for 10 years. These few months, I feel like even how detailed you plan for your life, things might not go that way, more then often it doesn’t. They are either disappointments or you restrict yourself by thinking thats all you need, unknowingly you can get much more.

For me, I think I’m taking perhaps 1 step at a time. 1 thing at a time. and I shall enjoy things as it comes along.

Today, I signed a nda and a contract soon. I am doing part time for this company and the part of my job makes me excited about it. Somehow I feel quite excited, keen to start on it. I can’t disclose what I am doing, but basically helping out a friend on her business which she started. If this goes well, we might be able to talk about full time. Meanwhile, I pray for open doors and flood of favors from God to anoint me to do this job well.

Maybe I don’t really need to know what I want…? Maybe, I just need to know what makes me happy, fulfilled, passionate…

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