Sunday Lunch at Sun with Moon Wheelock

After service, we headed to Wheelock to ease our hungry tummies! I kept craving for Sun with Moon Sukiyaki. The gravy sauce soup (whatever you call it, is the nicest) I realized that the lunch set is more worth it then the dinner. :’) Waitress kindly changed my drink (coffee/tea/japanese green tea) to non-alcoholic mohjito for me with a $1 discount. Whoop! & Alvin added a mini Chawanmushi for $2, it is the smoothest chawanmushi amongst all the Japanese restaurants you can find. (Beats Sushi Tei hands down too). I might have gotten the cents part wrong on the prices, but its roughly what I remembered it to be.

Sun with Moon at Wheelock

501 Wheelock Level 03-25
6733 6636

Alvin had the pork cutlet with egg on hot plate, comes with salad, soup, rice, green tea, fruit. $13.80, chawanmushi (add $2)


Mine was beef sukiyaki on stove, with rice, soup, softshell crab, fruit. $18.80, mojhito ($5.50 after $1 off)


After that we walked around kino and saw this. It would be a good read – I am going to hunt around in Library now. Toms is soo popular now, but I never knew it started with someone who inspired to do good in the world.

If you’re interested in Entrepreneur stuff, or already own your own business or just for pleasure reads.

Start Something That Matters – Blake Mycoskie


credits pics to : here

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