Red head

I did it! I am pretty pleased with how the colour turned out to be but … I am just paranoid that the colour will come off after a few washes. I am a red head now :)) This picture was taken after I did it, before any washes. I hope it still looks like this now (2 washes).


Changes are amazing. The feeling… of being afraid and then realizing its great later, mostly was that I was brave enough to take the plunge. It might not be a big deal to anyone but those who know, I never really dyed my whole head before, and in a colour like this. A friend said I never seen you dye your hair before. I said yeah well it was either I was getting bored of my hair colour or my face. And I think this is most amazing because I look more vibrant and lively in this colour. Ah, wonderful life is full of plunges and I’m learning how to be bold.