Being okay with where I am

the hardest things for me to do is being okay. being okay with myself, where I am now, what I am going through in life, my accomplishments or rather lack of.

it’s been quite a rough time for me since last year. going through health issues, work issues and career issues now. now I am at a point where I am learning to be Okay with where I am.

I met up with a friend last week and she told me, it is okay to be where you are, or if you take longer then others to get where you want to be, or realize that you want something you didn’t start before. I told her, I wondered why I didn’t think of starting a business when I was in Uni, it was the best time of someone’s life to do that, because there is almost no opportunity cost. She told me that some people just grow at different pace, you can’t compare yourself to another because some things comes with time.

being impatient and anxious, wandering and wondering. I am sure many know what this feeling is like, except probably in different situations.

and many times I see how some poeple lead such easy life, like everything goes smoothly. But something in me told me that everyone has struggles. They might not be struggling in the same area that I do, but it does not mean they don’t struggle in another.

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