A relationship like WINE

sometimes things that Alvin say can surprise me. We were texting, I told him the dates which I was going to Bangkok, and he said okay, must be safe and becareful. I said okay maybe I will buy a SIM card this time, previously when I was with my family trip, I wanted to stay away from checking my phone all the time, so I didn’t get one and it helped me to rest. So he texted back, okay how much should I give you? I said why should you give me ? for me I thought I was going away so I should be buying it anyway. He said – so I can talk to you when your there.

This is our 6th year together and I am so so so blessed to have my husband to be (strange to call him that) to want to talk to me although I will be just gone a few days and even wanting to pay for my SIM for that. I feel strongly that this is what God has ordain marriage/ relationship to be, like WINE. it just gets better and better as years passes by. There’s nothing better then to let God work in your marriage / relationship. if you think that being together with the same person is boring and things get stale after many years, it doesn’t with God involved. :’)

He can turn your marriage / relationship from water to wine. Bland, boring, plain to intoxicating, special, precious.

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