We walk different paths.

Recent days , I have been pondering or rather realizing more and more that each person walks a different path.

Before I always longed to be so and so, or so and so. They seem to walk a path so easy, or they seem to be or have something I admired about. Last time, I really wanted to be like this slim girl cus she’s slim and quite pretty. I wanted to be like this charismatic girl whom everyone likes and so popular in sch. I wanted to be like that girl whom everyone looks up to and respects alot, although she’s not perfect. I wanted to be like someone else. Definitely did not want to be the girl who tries to grab male teacher attention all the time (ha ha)

Later growing up, I wanted to do what others did – I knew someone who was passionate about engineering, doing PE after that. and then someone who worked hard and is an expert in modelling software. I wanted to be those.

After these few months, I came to realize I can’t be like someone else, and I can’t compare myself to someone else. Neither can I compare someone to myself. Simply because each detail of our lives, down to every fibre of our soul is different. Not everyone has the same journey of life, and we cannot live even a second of the day as someone else. Or even long for that.

Seeing my friends around me, we grew up from primary school to secondary school, we seemed to be the same because we had to go through same things. But now, our paths has taken a life of their own, and because of that we should embrace the bits and pieces of it, instead of regretting, wondering, thinking we are not good enough. That often comes because we think others have it better then us. I often remind myself that no one life is perfect, even how so it seems, we all have our sorrows, not the same ones but still there is.

When I catch up with friends, it hits me how very different our lives are from each other, some relationships worked out, some didnt. some met new loves, some found old ones back. some had dramatic love life and some had stable mature ones. Apart of Relationships of course other aspects of life.. jobs, family, friends, etc etc.

ultimately that we embrace it, enjoy it, and live it abundantly.

and perhaps I still am amazed that we all have different paths. God made us one of a kind, and so our paths. That is really kind of amazing to me.. isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “We walk different paths.

  1. i think the core of it all, we want to be different and unique too. there’s this real conflict within us all that wants to conform with our community but at the same time, find our own unique spot in it. i remember reading about how movies like say… transformers totally preys on the feelings of you feeling regular and insignificant in this world.

    at the end of the day, you are what you do, and what you choose to do is only limited by your imagination. i think its mostly about living true to your heart, isn’t it?


    1. haha you’re always right and makes perfect sense all the time. WHY!!! We like to be same, but different – we sure make stupid people. God must be looking down from heaven and thinking, seriously? I made you all different, special and unique but you all just want to be the same. :p

      1. Haha yeah… but you know, being similar makes us get along. It is one big human strength to empathise and work together. Sometimes being similar helps so much. For example, easier to get along with Dinusha because she and I just like to chill at coffee shops and watch movies. If she didn’t like movies and coffee… this relationship is over. HAHAHAHA

  2. agree it’s amazing. it would be boring if everyone walked the same path. and on a side (and besides-the-point) note, i’m actually kinda sure that you were the girl whom “everyone likes and is so popular”…. in primary sch! (:


    1. haha if everyone walked the same then, no one would be comparing! Oh, right, I really doubt so.. pri sch I was just trying to eat chicken sticks from my pocket while sitting at the front during chinese lessons, plus desperately trying to copy eileen haw and michelle oh’s hand writing . :S

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