it’s okay to rest.

things have been hectic, getting used to new environments and juggling between everything, it hasn’t been easy, and I don’t like how I am “still adjusting”. I m not sure how long this adjusting period is going to be, but I sure am not really enjoying it much. I feel like I am climbing an uphill, both day and night. I get exhausted, so much so that last week I constantly felt nauseus and sick. everything I ate did not go down well, and it came out as soon as I am done eating. so this week my goal is to rest more, stress less. I wish to exercise daily and I am still looking for opportunity to do that once I don’t feel so sick. I am going to sleep now, it’s only 10pm but body is telling me to go. I hope everyone been doing great and shopping happily on . it’s not easy but some friends tell me that it’s would be worth it, I am not sure yet. but i know for every step of I take, it’s like a leap of faith but behind lurks some fear but being safe neither gets you anywhere nor any satisfaction.

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