April // one of those things…

You know one of those things you know you need to do, although it’s extremely uncomfortable to. One of those steps I took as an Entrpreneur is to actually go to events MYSELF. i wanted to write a dedicated blogpost about being able to Be Alone, was one of the key success of starting out as an Entrpreneur. Not everyone is privileged to get a Co-founder because it is as difficult as looking for a Life Partner, so a lot of times there comes a need to do things yourself.

So this week, I went to CSW – crowd sourcing week and I heard and met so many people, unfortunately the 1 person I wanted to meet n take a picture with was Hugh from JFDI but he left quickly after the panel discussion , mainly because I am a fan of the frog hahahah! So anyway, jokes aside, yes I went alone myself. Don’t ask me why CSW it was just one of these things I wanted to do, like the Ideas inc back in 2012 dec. there are only so many things you do that you remember. Mainly to find out more about crowdsourcing and the players/companies and how they use crowd. One of those good ones was Jeremiah from Crowd companies and it’s amazing what they are going to do. it made me think how the world is rapidly changing and big players are no longer as big as they wish to be relevant. Even huge organizations like starhub and singtel going into doing incubators. And it’s taking a hit more then just what I thought like crowd fund and jobs e.g designs.

after 3 days, here I am writing a post. I may or may not have learnt much but I m sure it was an interesting thing to go for, all quite “famous” people/CEOs in a room make me feel inspired and small at the same time. these people change the world, not only that, it’s almost like changing how the world works, and that’s pretty cool itself.

So finally here, hearing all these, makes me wonder how it feels to be on that side. One trait I saw was most of them were very confident on stage, spoke very well and very chill out- Especially those who wear jeans and sneakers I like that! (my goal is to wear shorts and slippers to work when I finally own an office :) ) but even so, fear could be fear of success and fear of being known. I don’t know abt others people but I was never really the type who like publicity, I like my privacy and I can’t be prim and proper all the time so I prefer if I was myself.

and the other was i had random thoughts and ideas coming while listening to them so I jotted & noted to those which I liked. so it does feel like I been on another universe and back to office tomorrow makes me feel like kind of blah.. and After CSW lets see what next from here…..

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