Though it may not be..

Though it may not be what I thought I wanted or envisioned, perhaps it was for the best what God has given me, and will be giving me. One door closes but another always opens. “you will be the head and not the tail, you will be above only and not beneath” Trust in God’s promises for what holds for me. And even if it doesn’t look all so rosy up front, it would probably be the best.

it’s strange & definitely shocked & a little taken aback upset today but I m glad still inside me there’s an assurance that it will be okay. There’s no one to blame but me and the circumstances I choose to be in. It’s not perfect, my circumstances and I am not perfect. I am free to choose but decisions made, I cannot choose the consequences. I wanted to write this down because i want to remember what set backs I have had, it couldn’t be worse then the very first set back I had last year. My tolerance for pain and disappointment has probably increased through the 1 year.

only now, i need to sit and think of the next things I should be doing. and should do. I don’t deny that there’s still much apprehension in me, perhaps this will make me rethink my decisions and shake me up a little. other then that it may be actually that I am happy being in this strange circumstances / deliema that I have. Cheerios to me, I’ll look on the bright side, and revisit what I had always wanted and remind myself what exactly is it.

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