Je t’aime, Paris

So… yes, Alvin & I finally done our pre wedding photo shoot and travelled around a little. We did two day shoot in Paris & I am still wondering how the pictures will turn out! A lot of pp commented that it was real late, well to us, I think we were not panicky or particular as long as there was enough time to have photos ready by the wedding date, we were fine with it. I know, many people do it 6 months- 1 year before their wedding, but because of all our work schedules.. yup finally we did.


we have a few pictures already up on our photographer’s Facebook, we did 8 hours formal & 8 hours casual, here’s one of the pictures :’) the old couple is real, they were sitting and talking like newly weds. & we secretly sat beside them to take a photo because they were so sweet! But they realized we were there & turned to congratulate us and told us they were married for 35 years and from Denmark. Colin (our photographer) asked if it was okay to shoot them from the back with us, exactly how the husband slinged his arm around her shoulders and talking. But he went for a kiss instead, and wala picture perfect. Probably would be my most favorite shot ever.


It is quite meaningful right, growing old with the one you love. Just a few days ago, I came across a Facebook post, that someone on my fb had her wedding called off. It must have been really difficult after dating for many years, and the wedding was supposedly next month. Sometimes I think how frail can a RS be? It doesn’t mean anything to be together for >5 years, nor means anything to have already prepared your photos, wedding venue, guests, everything. and it makes me wonder how and what reason comes to a point like this, heartbreaking. I also wonder that perhaps it is not good to date so long because perhaps people do actually get bored with the rs not progressing into a next stage. well I don’t know, but I was of course kind of freaked out. I mean people Shld marry when they feel the time is right, and right away. Not drag along or delay because you will never know what might happen.

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