Does being busy equates success

In everyone’s feed, I read “preparing for crazy week ahead” , “exhausted” or “super busy this week” etc. You get the idea. I took a step back today and wondered the point of it all. Everyone is busy, but do we think that being busy, making ourselves busy, or making us sound like we are busy to the world means that we are successful and more successful then others? We often equate busy = success, if you are more busy, it means you are more successful.

So I pondered about success these couple of days, what defines success, what the world defines as success, what I, myself define as success, and what God defines as success.

I read one, too many articles on people’s death wishes on bed is to have worked less and spent more time with family, people who took sabbatical leaves and realize what joy it was to stay home with their kids and so forth. And I can’t tell you exactly what or why, but I had always imagine my life to be successful yet not crazy. Perhaps my definition of success may be different from the mainstream, old fashioned, conservative thoughts that you have to work 18 hours a day to have success or be successful. Undoubtedly, people who run their own business put in alot of effort, working weekends and odd hours and it is probably even tougher to find that strange balance between success and not being busy. I would love to take time to stop and smell the flowers, hold hands with Alvin, walk the park in evenings, visit my grandparents every now and then, have dinner with my friends just because, enjoying life and not having it whiz pass me.
I now make a mental note not to say “busy” too much, yes we get busy at work, but not to glorify “busy” as a way to say I am successful. I would like to have the good kind of busy at work, and have time to live life – that’s good success to me. I believe too that God’s plan for everyone’s success is the same and it shows in the verse “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” Although I may not fully grasp the fullness of God’s plan for our success, but in my soul it feels peaceful when I think of success this way.

2 thoughts on “Does being busy equates success

  1. Been wanting to share my 2 cents worth of thoughts but been too busy. LOL talking about busy, it seemed to be so ironic. Anyway what I wanna say is that, don’t let the concept of the mainstream “busy” and “successful” get to you. You are one brave young girl who really pursued your dreams and do what you like and you are really good at it. Just Tangy is really good. It’s not easy to establish your own business but you have done it so well.

    And yes when you talked about how people gets so busy that life just whiz past them. I just thought of the movie “Click” by Adam Sandler. LOL. On a more serious thought, I think what you shared about the article make sense. Life is too short for us to get so busy and let it be “fast forward” till a point we don’t even realise.

    1. Hi Yuesien! thanks for sharing as well, i never heard of the movie but made me so curious i went to google n read the synopsis. it sounds like an interesting movie! thank u for your encouragement too! i hope ur happy and doing what you like now:) talk about busy – sometimes a deliema if u “too free” it feels super weird heh

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