Chinese New Year Break


This Chinese New Year I went with the husband to Malaysia to visit his extended relatives – his grandmother’s home (she’s passed away), his uncle had passed away too, we met his uncle’s wife and his cousins. She’s still so energetic, prepared loads of food for everyone.

His grandma house is next to plantations, now it’s concreted up and fenced up.

We stayed at his dad/bro new home there, Alvin’s parents goes there every now and then to have fun (“Jiak hong” in hokkien)


With the nieces and nephews


There wasn’t wifi or any internet so I had a good rest for the entire weekend. I thought it was difficult but it was not, it was refreshing, like Lara Casey’s planned rest to be off technology. I probably would do it again in a heartbeat. & also thought through things and prayed during this time. Not missing out the fact that I kept sleeping! Don’t ask me why!

The sky’s the limit


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