Brunch at Saint Pierre

After we came back from Malaysia, I was just feeling like having some eggs, we headed to Sentosa Quayside isle.

So many choices of cafes and restaurants there, I felt so spoilt for choices but I wanted to try Saint Pierre’s Brunch so there we went.

It’s a quiet and casual place, and overall we were pleased with everything – food and the service. (Except for one male waiter who apparently changed his expression and totally ignored our table after we just ordered normal water instead of “Still” or “Sparkling”.) The lady however who attended to us was attentive and the food was good.

I ordered Scrambled eggs with black truffles & mushrooms because we all know truffles tastes supperrrrr yummy and I think I am addicted to it. (I always have pasta at Pietsantra Wessex, the one with their homemade meat sauce with truffle. And truffle fries at P.S cafe.)

We both had the brunch set, which came with a basket of bread – I loved the crossiont so much, It reminded me of Paris’ one, their own butter (shaped like a cute little shit shape which delighted Alvin much), and i must say that the butter was bf at all oily! It came with Cranberry jam and Apple cinnamon Jam which was my favorite out of the two. so yummy! & a glass of refreshing water melon juice with mint.


My Scrambled eggs with truffle & mushrooms, with toasted bread at the side. It looks small but I couldn’t finish at the end!


Alvin’s sunny side eggs, Waygu & hash brown. The meat was tender and soft.




And what I liked was also the paintings hung around the place, and lastly how they presented the food in tiles, wooden things, etc. I read a few reviews and one guy was quite funny, he was displeased that they served in a “broken tile”. haha! It’s Art.

Go ahead and check out for a special date for brunch at Saint Pierre :


2 thoughts on “Brunch at Saint Pierre

  1. How much was that? I worked at Sentosa Cove last year and remembered that food prices are exorbitant! Did they charge for tap water?

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