It’s not you, it’s them.

All of us would have gone through this before, where someone was nasty to us. Often we get angry or we start to wonder what is wrong with me, simply because we think it’s our fault. If someone was rude to us, we naturally get angry and say what’s wrong with her, and also inside we are wondering what did I do wrong? because I am dressed poorly? or because I look young? or simply because I wasn’t more fierce then her?  

I realize that it’s really not us, but them. It reflects their poor character, or nasty temper, and the problem doesn’t lie with us, but them. We can’t control their actions and likely that they can’t control themselves either, but we can is to control how we feel and react about it, and that we shouldn’t take it personally if we were being mistreated.

Nowadays I feel that well it’s not worth being annoyed or wasted emotions over nasty people, so I don’t get mad for long, but well once in awhile who wouldn’t be?

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