Singapore Jewelry designers

i hopped by Blue print yesterday, and met a couple of our own Singapore jewelry designers. They were sure interesting people, and I didn’t expect to meet them personally. Honestly it is quite surreal and to talk to what I would call established well known Singapore designers. I prefer to be sitting behind my screen typing away. 

– Marilyn Tan Jewelry, love the duo colour knuckle ring & the yummy leather bracelets. I even received a gift bracelet from her, it suited my style easily with black & silver. I was mostly intrigued by her collections, she did a special one just for Blueprint.


– Carrie K, I never knew how Carolyn the designer behind this brand looked like although she is always in the news & talked about a lot.  Her team sure looks fun. The morse code “letter” rings was a whole new level of customization of alphabet rings. 

– Blithe & Merry, it was uplifting to see a new designer upcoming following her dreams. I also spoke in length with Joanna, the designer behind the one of a kind leather cuffs with super hardware. Her new collection would probably appeal to those who love the likes of Hermes CDC, and want something more with a quirk. I regret not taking a picture now – the black silver cuff that caught my eye. 

– Joanne L, she was speaking to someone else so I took a quick glance and I took her namecard and ran off. I think I was overwhelmed by having to be too out there for the day, and slightly tired. Her collection featured clean and minimalistic jewelry. 

– ALT curated editions, they were not opened so I guessed preparing for their show. 

I found that all designers have their own style and not really similar, even their personalities were different – something which suprised me. What was similar is that they got inspired by something they saw or seen, or a place they been to. 

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