Weekend is here.

Just chillax in Hong Kong for a few days, our first stop today was wanton noodles at Chee Kei & Macau egg tarts from “Macau restaurant” just opposite the street at TST. the egg tart is so much better then the one famous at Excelsior hotel (Lord stow or smth like that) , those were hard and pretty dry the last time we had in March. 

Yummy! No other pictures as you can see I stuffed it into my mouth even before I took a picture. 


Meanwhile I been obsessed with LUV AJ accessories lately, like marble & pave & so many wearable rings & pretty earrings. They are all plated gold and made out of good material (not those that rust and turn your fingers green). 

Check out the new cross chain earrings & pave pointe hoops from their new collection – here

& this new label Ford & Harris I like so much (although they are new, I think their pieces are so timeless, exactly what I would pick for myself to wear)  I just placed our first order and I ordered Ronnie, Brian & Joey all in silver for myself. I first liked Joey because it reminds me very much of Chrome hearts, and I liked Brian because it has a lot of holes. But after I seen how Ronnie was being styled by Savina & Amanda (oraclefox) , I think it may actually be the staple and everyday favourite  ring I am going to wear. 

collection here :D

Ronnie in silver, styled by Oraclefox

picture left (Joey with the onyx cross) , right (Brian that looks like a mini armour) the cross necklaces n earrings are gorgeous as well but I am a more bracelet & ring person. whoop, can’t wait for them to arrive and style them with denim! 

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