Odd days

There are odd days where extremes happen – very busy and very free. Today I decided to call it a day at 10.50pm, it’s time for me to wind down and get ready for tomorrow. I am thankful that even if I have many things to do, it is good because things are happening and I spend less time thinking about what others would call “scenarios which will not happen”. And strangest things is that I feel satisfied and accomplished doing all these instead of feeling frustrated like what we all feel when we have to OT at our regular jobs. & there seem to be a long list of things I would like to do but I need to stop myself in case my eyes pop out of my sockets. 

I m not sure what this quote means but okay . I know that most of the time nobody knows what they really want to do, and elimination process just takes too long. So today I realized that by knowing already what I want to do, is some thing many others are not privileged with. I used to and still do wish that I was like people who already knew long ago what they liked – most of these people are lawyers and doctors, somehow they know for sure.  So I hope that everyone does chance upon what they really like and want to do soon. Like I told Mel it’s never too late and compared to others who either don’t know or know what they want to do but circumstances don’t allow them to pursue, we should be happy we do get the opportunity to try. 

I chanced upon this blog post and it really resonates with me, I have been wondering where I went wrong, as others can look so chillax and how they do it but in reality, I think it’s really like this, thank goodness I am not alone and not going crazy  : http://aminuteawayfromsnowing.com/with-glittering-eyes/

2 thoughts on “Odd days

  1. Hang in there gal! You are not doing anything wrong at all! Success is not defined by others but by ourselves! Take for example, there were people who taught I was crazy when I quit engineering to study in Australia 2 years plus ago! I had to struggle with lack of money for at least 2 years, struggling to pay rent and all.But I gained way more.. I experienced life so different from my own. It gave me a new perspective of the ways of living. I have friends from every continent in the world! And finally I got a marketing job that suits me way better than engineering…. I still faced tons of challenges in my job in terms of handling my managers expectations, job requirements but
    I will tell myself not to give up and keep trying towards improvement to the best I can !

    Same as you.. you are doing something you like where it is worth working crazy hours for .. so keep going on .. the rainbow is just around the corner:-)

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience! you shld share with others , those who desperately want to get out of engineering and do something else, most often we are so scared to, but glad you took the chance and went! there’s so many years ahead of us then being afraid for the moment . And it’s probably so much more fun for you now to have friends from everywhere and experience life overseas. Some days are tough but I think you know what I mean too, have bad days n gd days but ultimately it’s prob better then engineering :p thanks for your encouragement always!!! Jiayou to you too!!

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