Hong Kong Dragon Back

Yup no kidding, we did the whole trekking thing in Hong Kong and this trail is called dragon’s back. it’s very popular and can be done without prior training – I have absolutely no conditioning what so ever, plus I was just wearing a denim shorts.

This type of thing really make you find out about yourself. I find out about what person i am and also learnt some things which parellel to life & business.

I found that I think I am the sort who is anxious about “getting there”, while we were going on and on, there was thunder & drizzle which made it so scary I promised myself not to do this anymore! Now i think perhaps it may just be the rain which was scary. I just wanted to reach the end and finish it although the point was to enjoy the fun of trekking and nature. I think I am not really the type who likes both, and only found out when we were doing it. I wanted to try something different this time, for sure it was. And, I am very focussed when wanting to get there.

I am a generally pessimist and over thinker – I kept thinking if anyone rolled off the mountain and disappeared where no one could find him, and if that was going to happen to us. (if anyone died while doing the trail.)
i learnt that in everything and parellel to life & work – it was either go forward, or backwards, and I choose forward because it was logical to. We were probably half way or I didn’t know how far more we had in front but I knew if turning back was definitely long. So my pick was going forward even though we didn’t know how far more. I thought it was interesting how I could apply it to my business, keep moving forward and ahead because turning back didn’t seem logical or could be more tedious to.

—- to be continued (my eyes are shutting)

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