Live Life with Purpose

It is easy to get carried away and realized that it’s been X years we have been working. All the time “work” is an excuse we give ourselves for NOT doing things, not exercising, not eating well, not pursuing the language class we want, not meeting friends. The list goes on.  For a couple of weeks after moving into office, I felt kind of sucked into the whole 9-5 routine thing again and somehow it felt awful, I established that I don’t like being in a 9-5 and it restricts generally my “movements” to go here and there whenever. It is so easy to get caught in this life and realized time has just whizzed past. It striked me that many people, ALOT are feeling “stuck”. I read someone who commented on Lara Casey make it happen book that she needed a change  – “I am living in a  routine, it sucks. I’m chasing the monotony of life, living for nothing.”  it made me think what are we chasing for, that we forget the other important things in life.

In the past year while i was working a job and part-time growing Just Tangy, I found myself too busy, too tired and automatically filtered many things out of my head, simply not bothered by many things – friends birthday, i forget/ take lightly mother’s Father’s Day and special occasions. I used to love making cards when I was a child for my parents, to show that I appreciate them. And I do more now but somehow I show it less. Alvin and I used to wish each other monthly “happy X months” when we were studying in school but stopped because i think i just forgot. It hit me when someone mentioned father’s day a few days ago, and i sort of panicked because it didn’t even ocur to me.

I realized that my head has to NOT constantly be thinking about work, although it seems and is the most important part of my life now but it should not lessen any other areas.  I have forgotten that was precisely why I wanted to run my own business, so that I can define my own time to spend it on what is important to me as well. I decided then to make it a point to live more purposefully, not just work. but to satisfy other areas of my life as well – meet friends to hear what they been up to (which i did, i met with Mel and Yoges, and we had a good chat as usual), visit my grandma and mother in law more often, take note of occasions like fathers Mother’s Day, friends birthday, perhaps take up something else like a short course and of course go for gym classes, spend quiet time every morning. etc. In that way, learning to let go of having a lot of unfinished things to do, drop it and go. but I felt much happier after deciding that I wasn’t going to feel awful and do 9-5 anymore. Leave a little earlier to jog in evenings, take afternoon off to go to gym class and of course not thinking about work all the time.

If you feel stuck in any area of your life (I will say work because work takes part a huge chunk of our time), perhaps it’s time to think of what is meaningful and important to you and work towards incorporating it into your life now. If something is preventing it then change that something. It may not make sense or be logical but the outcome would be better then u think.

Don’t let life just happen. Live life with purpose. Don’t wake up tomorrow to find yourself 10 years older, living a routine life.

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