Moody week

This week felt especially exhausting, perhaps because it’s the time of the month – YES we girls feel super moody and tired so don’t egg us! 

Today I went down to restock our Yosi Samra shoes at Robinsons, and looked around what’s new. Klara was having a pop up, as well as Kblu swimwear had a small area. Also I saw this red Valentino hologram pink clutch which really goes well with my monochrome outfit. It was $700, and now on sale at $199. Like seriously right? I am not the flat clutch type so I just took a picture because I thought it was cool. Pardon my protruding tummy. 

Everyone has good and bad days, this week was especially blah for me. I had headache almost everyday and been on Panadol. I am finally home early today and I am happy to be just lying on my bed doing random nothing. Everyone deserves a break, I am glad it is Friday and the weekend will allow me to recharge. All preorder items were sent out today so everyone’s going to be happy over the weekend. 

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