Part I : Passion without work is just a dream.

I went to “passion unleashed” session (their fb page) with Vivien a few weeks back and also caught up abit on what’s been going on with her. I take heart that we have each other to talk to and she would look for me when she needs someone to talk to as well. Although we run different types business, the fundamentals are the same – values, doubts, relationships, fear, some really bad days where we need encouragement, some good days where we feel like we can take on the world, people, etc.

There was so many take away-s from the sessions especially by Claire Chiang – founder of Banyan Tree and Chatri – Founder of Evolve MMA.

I am going to summarize them into pointers, and break them up into two parts. Here’s the first 5, part I.


1. Passion won’t suffice, but passion with work and commitment. As long as you don’t give up and have an unwavering commitment to what you are doing, success will come. Look around and all the successful people didn’t do it overnight but over years and years, ten years the very least, for most. It is something I am still learning – to be patient. Because we were always thought to be quick, fast, instant and impatient.

2. Doing something different, stepping out & taking the risk. Both shared that it doesn’t matter whether u reach the end and whether u succeed. As long as you done something different, try different from your usual routine. I sometimes feel that this is very hard to achieve, first taking the risk and not knowing the outcome, and being ok if we fail, honestly no one is ever ok having being failed, there were many disappointments along the way but I learnt how to get over them and get over them quicker now.

3. Anything that fails doesn’t end there but it opens up other opportunities. What you can do is live through it well, and learn through experimentation and trials. Being on my own isn’t easy because all the decisions I make, I have to sit through them and take it even if it was not the best choice. But I take heart that there will always be open doors when one closes. And everything is a learning experience.

4. Have moments to take time to pause and think, to redesign and think what is your life about. There is always time to scale your business, but remember to take time to reflect as there is a momentarily moment that is life changing.

5. Everyone has good n bad days. The defining moments are when you are getting crushed by the world, but don’t listen to your fears doubts and insecurities.

Last but not least, Claire shared that life is daily wins and daily losses. Hope that this helps you even if you are not a business owner, it is relevent for our work/jobs/career and also on our life.

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