A new addition to my perfumery 

I grew to love perfumes over the years and I can’t really remember how I started but once I did I started collecting scents and never really stopped. The recent years I looked for more non main stream because a lot of mainstream like Gucci prada CK etc, they were just too strong and pungent (not smelly but gives me a headache). I usually just give away my perfumes to hannah and mom who don’t really mind, they have own their favorites too- Mom loves Chloe and Hannah I forgot what she like. 
Today I stopped by Barneys because alvin wanted to get his favourite molten brown body wash and i chanced upon a new perfume – Frédéric Malle and got the scent Magnolia. I never knew that his brand existed and the bottle just looked queer. 


Last year I found By Kilian and got this really nice sort of honey mango fruity scent. I was not going to re-purchase it when I finished it because it just cost quite abit and i thought it was good to rest having the smell a little. The thing is that By Kilian is not available in Singapore, and the scent lasts for a really long time. The price was probably because of the extreme pretty packaging and bottle that looks like it costs more then the perfume. 


So I am happy to have gotten a new scent this time, the great thing about travelling is finding new things that I can’t get back home. 

My currents 

1. Loccitane cherry blossom – I always replenish when I am out, it’s my everyday scent for day time

2. Jo Malone Earl gray & cucumber, and English Pear. I love both and I usually repurchase English pear because it’s my 2nd everyday scent

3. Bottega Ladies – use it once in awhile, mostly for nights, it gives a leather scent which is an acquired taste and to me a more mature scent 

4. By Killian (finished it recently) I wear it only on days I feel like it, the scent stays for a long time

5. Hermes Un jardin sur le toit – I hardly use this now because of its strong smell, I used to love the fresh scent but it’s gotten too strong for me recently 

I used to like D&G 3, Victoria secret, and some other designer brands but I tend to steer towards the more natural perfume make now as I would believe. I think they don’t use some ingredient or chemical to make the perfume – like Jo Malone smells lighter and less of that pungent piercing smell that designer brands have. most of those that give me a headache,  especially those that are yellowish in colour.

And the other scent I like which is not perfume is Molten brown Mulberry & Thyme. I love the smell so I use the cream, I always think it smells like London and reminds me of her. 

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