Rainbows are for everyone

We visited Castro area on the last day in San Francisco. I love the road crossing! We have zebra crossing that’s black and white, but this!

And a walk up to the park near our place

It is easy to love San Fran, people in the west coast seemed happy with their lives. Strangers chatted like old friends, waitresses are always smiley and service staffs always loved a chat. Our two airbnb hosts were also happy people although their circumstances were not ideal, they take life as it is and enjoyed the most out of the present. In the midst of the race for perfection here in Singapore, we have everything but we are still worried, anxious and always on our toes. Our faces reflect it all – grumpy, impatient and unhappy. it makes me wonder for what we are chasing for, stressing for, aiming for. Money? Comfort? Future? We actually have it all in Singapore. The rent isn’t cheap in the city but I don’t hear people complaining, they probably get paid more then enough to afford it, and a car isn’t expensive either. People park their car at home and take the bus/bike to work ahha!

The other thing in Singapore there seems to be a straight path to everyone’s life, and many seems stressed to not be able to conform to the “norm” but not in US, nobody judges you for what you choose and how you want to live your life – I think. So what if you lived with your boyfriend, choose a job that’s nothing of what you studied, have a dog or rent your room out to airbnb. Jobs also don’t particularly look at your certs but what skills you can offer them. It’s been a good trip and hopefully i remember that life is not just about chasing the future but like the people in west coast- living today, enjoying what you do, in the moment of your life now.

We also had the chance to visit airbnb HQ, Pauline an old friend from church long ago, she moved to SF and worked there. Amazing place, and it is the norm for companies there to provide their staffs as much benefits and comfort as possible, 3 meals, snacks, etc provided. Loads of space to work in and also being able to bring your dog to work.

Here’s Lombart street a zig zag hill. the  only places we didn’t manage to visit is Muir Woods, Stanford and Berkeley. Perhaps next time! If SF was 5 hours away, I’ll be back in a jiffy.

We stopped over at HK airport before coming back and I was delighted to eat my favourite Tsui Wah – macarooni and egg breakfast. 😋 HK is always a love-hate place for me, it feels like my second home, so familiar but it is always rude and rushy and crowded there.

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