a little work on a Saturday

Alvin’s on reservist for three weeks so today he’s on some shift thingy, and I decided to head to office to do some work. 

The new Yosi Samra Fall winter collection has arrived in Singapore (aka storage at my house) and I spent the day uploading pictures, mailer and going to get the stocks sent to the stores next week. Currently 3 stockists (Robinsons Heeren, rockstar and chillax market) 

I spent a few minutes pulling out the new styles and checking how pretty they look, I like specially the Lagarto with gold studs, So pretty! The textured material a makes it so exotic and expensive looking. 

amazingly the Fawn and Silver colour compliments the skin tone so well, almost like nude, but sort of very close to our skin tone. Argh my feet has a blister from my sneakers that still have not loosen up. 

And I think this black with dark silver captoe will be a big hit at robinsons; so many people loved the black with black  captoe untill there’s not many left. I think black is always most popular, look at the dark silver, it shimmers so subtlety and prettily. 

Lastly, the so so so sought after Red flats everyone kept asking about! 

These few days I sort of re-calibrated myself and decided to just focus on ONE to-do thing for a day, and it actually works. I don’t feel so stressed up having a list of 10 to do things, and often in the past – I have so many things to do that I don’t even feel like starting. I start small and feel happy & accomplished that I finished what I set out to do for the day. Do just 1 thing, and do it well. I also feel more motivated knowing I just need to finish this one thing. A whole list can be super daunting! Anything more I do, it’s a bonus!:) 


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