Friday dinner at Dancing crab

TGIF for me!!!! it wasn’t a hectic week but yesterday was such a workout at the store room stocking up our new designs. Lucky Mel is now a certified stocker and very organized and efficient! She’s not called leopard for nothing. 

somehow I was just looking forward to Friday, relax abit and also arranged to have dinner with mummy and daddy. They are such easy eaters and always up for any food. Dancing crab at vivo city  was having last day promotion at 20% off before 6.30pm and we managed to get seated and order at 6.25pm! I can’t explain how much I love eating messy hahaha. Last year I made everyone who attended my birthday party eat my birthday cake directly from it. Hahahaha I mean like it’s one of those things I can get away only on my birthday right? i can’t remember what I did this year for my birthday, it was probably something uneventful and forgettable so, I am already thinking of what I should do for next year. 

here’s a cute picture before the table was gonna get messy! I was so distracted because the waitresses and waiters had painted their faces, it felt like i was seeing joker everywhere:/ I am not a fan of creepy stuff like that. 

and me! I am like why only this little??! hahaha just kidding. 

We had combo 1 with Sri Lanka crab and lobster roll. I LOVE the Cajun fries like I think I can have another basket of them, maybe i should have had. YumXxxxx (because it’s is x-rated and sinful). I been craving for fried food lately, I have no idea why! I stopped having a lot of fried food and koi since last year when alvin & I were working out to look slim and sexy for our wedding. But recently I had this massive craving for four fingers and I went to nom myself. (and craze over llaollao for 2 month so) Coincidentally there was haze too and I fell really sick. I am well again now and thinking of all the horrible sinful food I can eat, but really I have become so pudgy over the last 6 months, I really need to stop my tummy escapades. And of course recently it’s been the Waffles And ice cream at Creamier. ahhhhhh 

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