Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Singapore

Mommy treated us to dinner two weeks ago, she made like almost a month in advance reservation! I can’t imagine how crowded and popular it is.

I was craving for steak, and I am always often obsessed with something for awhile and have to keep eating it. Apparently mom and hannah is the same hahaha- maybe habits are genetic?

I had steak, which was most expensive out of all we ordered, mom had fish and chips and hannah had pork ribs or chop or something like that. Steak was good as it was grain fed or something, I had my usual medium well, it was just nice – not too raw and not too well done. Fish and chips were the “must try” because UK’s one is said to be the best, the batter is not bad and the fries are the thick kind that mom likes. I prefer thin type like skinny fries. The pork was great, it was probably also some grain fed or something because it doesn’t have that porky smell, it must be really good quality. Pork has this “porky” smell that we are sensitive to because we don’t eat pork at home. We are not halal, just that mom grew up not eating pork so she never cooked pork for us. I only started eating pork when I met alvin because his mom cooks it all the time. (But his family doesn’t eat beef because his mom doesn’t. yes we are sort of a strange mix hahah) And Hannah eats pork because she’s just super greedy and she says EEE you porky when I eat pork, but she does too – she’s one weird person.

We ordered a starter pasta (it was lobster or crab meat, pardon my forgetfulness because we had this like over a week ago) and Mac & cheese to share. Both were good, and tasted interesting, but the size was quite large to our surprise, after we ate our own mains we were quite full. I think we would have ordered the same again, no regrets! It is sort of my first time having Mac and cheese I think! Hannah loves the over easy one which I have not tried at all.

The ambience was pretty and of course sort of dark, ask for ice / tap water instead if they offer you “still or sparking”. I think it is a nice place to go for an occasion because of the price you pay , but it doesn’t seem like a place for an occasion. It’s not really fine dining too per say. So, not sure when we will go back because the food is nice and portion is good but not to the extend that I would crave for it, maybe because of the price or generally the taste. We went to try once because you know it’s one of those things. We didn’t have dessert so I m not sure what’s for dessert on their menu.

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