Big Magic

I always wanted to write about some entrepreneur books that are helpful to me, currently I just picked up Big Magic by the same author who wrote Eat Pray Love. I forgot if I ever read it and even if I did, I forgot the contents. I actually wrote Play instead of Pray initially (you can see what I have been thinking about) 

The author is Elizabeth Gilbert, and I am on just the first few chapter. It affirms that we can be creative ourselves.. and we can find things that bring us joy in doing, something which resonates with us. She wrote that we don’t have to quit our job, move across the world to do that. And also in the current chapter I am reading, she affirms that we don’t need a degree to be “legit” in the field we want to be, as long as we work at our craft everyday diligently, we are already for real. I think a lot of us feel that when we want to embark on something new, we always pull ourselves back and say but I don’t have experience or i have no degree / cert to prove. Maybe maybe just perhaps we may not even need that. 

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