Brand new Quarter of 2016

Just a few days ago we were talking about how 2016 has arrived wasn’t it? And now the first quarter has officially ended. Its April, the 2nd quarter of 2016. And you might ask omg what did I do, here was what I was up to!

First quarter I took up a course and have the last lesson is next week. We are also required to do a presentation – incorporating what we learnt. Of course I used that for my business and I took away some valuable lessons. Here’s a screen shot of my presentation. I was the third to present and sort of missed the first two because I was running late to class. A second “examiner” was invited besides our instructor who “graded” us and gave comments to us. He’s someone who works at facebook and probably to give us tips as well. Our instructor works at Hootsuite, so we get added tips from people who work in the industry in different companies. Great right?

I got super loud claps for my presentation and had comments like wah you different level, spoil market, very good! etc – which i was quite surprised, thank God for making even a ppt great. I was just thinking man, this is like the first ppt I am doing in a LONG time. And I spent more time making it look pretty , and spent time putting in content. It takes me more effort to prettify my ppt because generally i am not a creative person and I am more like a strategy person.

But anyway, separately during break and after class, the second examiner spoke to me and he gave me tips and help on what I can do next and how to work on some areas. We didn’t exchange contact but he found my email and dropped me an email the next day to let me know what I can do as well, sometimes God shows me his Grace like that and have arranged people in your life out of the blue to help you. & I feel like generally people in the tech industry are happy to help without anything back in return and always give constructive criticism & tips on how to do better. They don’t hold back and share very freely. I like that kind because it feels like they don’t have the “the more i tell you, the more you will be better then me/I will lose out to you” mentality. Its refreshing and it feels like if ever I go back to work, its the type of people i want to be around. & the other thing I like, they are out of the box thinkers.

So I think generally what has going on in the first quarter for me. And the year is split into 4 quarters right, I think the next 1 quarter will be to put together what i learnt from class into good use and 3rd quarter perhaps to pick up another class/ either technical or a jewelry class as I have plans to start my own jewelry label.

Hope that everyone’s 1st quarter was just as fruitful. I would say that sometimes the journey to something seems long, far and un-achievable. Towards the end of course (10 weeks, x2 a week) was getting to me. I was like omg… my nights are spent at class and we have homework as well. Glad I persevered and didn’t miss any class although i was 15-30 mins late for classes towards the end haha!

But something I learn this year, is that.. even though it seems tough and long, if you just keep thinking that incrementally what you do in small steps slowly will accumulate into something bigger later and lets you achieve your goal in the end. The difficult part is always the journey – thinking wow thats so long, so slow, so much to do. Same for my exercise now – I try to swim once a week at least, about 1km (10laps), it takes about an hour or so for me including rest time, and it seems crazy long.. you go like 1.. 2.. omg 10 so hard to achieve! But i found that being patient knowing that small steps 1 by 1 lets me achieve my goal. And it takes alot of time for that matter. To me, it isn’t determination because i don’t have much.. I can’t see the big picture because the journey itself is so tedious. But more likely is being patient and taking it 1 at a time. I struggle alot with this because who doesn’t one to achieve something big at one go? I do, I admit that I see other people doing well “suddenly” but really nobody does, it takes time and long long time, and tons of patience to get where they are today.

Also on the side, Alvin’s gotten his first overseas grant of USD1000 from a society in US, great news right.

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