This two days i didn’t have very good sleep, sometimes it is good to just let go of everything and thoughts and plans swirling in my head because i can’t seem to settle down at night. I probably likely to go to bed a little earlier today.

Sometimes being so busy, makes me miss alot of things and i don’t like it. Its like I don’t even realize and my mind is not where it is HERE. I was supposed to book some flights and I didn’t realize that the sales period ended on 31st March, and proceeded to book during the weekend (April) and shocked to find out its ended! Noooooooo! So I was fretting over that for a night thinking omg am i supposed to pay x2 the price now, so silly right? And i thought ok, maybe I won’t go then although I really want to. I didn’t even realize that it was ending on 31st March, I probably saw it and it didn’t register. That’s what i hate about myself/my brain nowadays. Its like not focused but all over the place. Anyway, I found out that the sales promo is starting again in a few days, so i better book quickly.

Just today again, I was wondering what am i going to achieve before I reach 30. It felt like 30 seems to mean i lived a really long time. And do i plan for the next 3-5 years of my life? How? And What? What’s everyone wanting to achieve before 30? It isn’t very long to 30 for me, another 3 quarters only! And I still don’t feel very adult now, and I can’t imagine being at home alone and going home to a quiet house when we move into our home. Now at least my parents and hannah (sometimes) are home when Alvin’s gone home or for class. I can imagine if he takes classes next time, I will be home alone maybe doing random things myself (lol) and having parties of my life – invite all my friends. hahaha!



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