May, be? 

Haha so punning. haven’t been in this space because there’s Dayre now.

This month is filled with food escapades haha! 

Mom had taken leave to make her long weekend longer so we went off to vivo the chophouse. I was happy because it was somewhere new for me and the food turned out good! except the beef seemed a little dry. I think 120 grain fed seems like that,the texture is the same as wooloomooloo one so I reckon cus it’s 120 grain fed. 

$30 for set lunch – soup & steak. had quesadillas after so long too, it was pretty good. 

Monday spent with alvin, we woke up late and decided to go to common man. initially I wanted to go Toby’s and aiyah okay fine since we are going there, let’s go common man to have that nicer egg and crossiont. common  man prices are so much higher, nowadays I just go Toby’s once a week or once in two weeks when I want real coffee myself. 

we then headed to Punggol to check out the new mall. they have London fat duck, 

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