The Journey for us

Read this article that was floating around Fb –

37. “Follow your passion” is vapid and self-centered career advice

Just because you enjoy doing something, doesn’t mean you’re good at it, or that people will be willing and able to pay you for it. The universe isn’t obligated to give you money for doing what you love. Instead, figure out what you’re good at that people will pay you for, and pick something that you either enjoy doing, or can see yourself growing to enjoy (you can build your passion over time). If you want to get paid for something, you have to think of the customer first.

— This is what I will need to find out this year, and next. something I’m good at that I like. Sometimes or most times I fall into the trap of thinking what can bring most benefit, or a good end goal in mind before doing it – and it might not be that I enjoy it very much. But I see that a lot of people who are successful, do that something they enjoy very much and become very good at it such that they can impact others, benefit themselves, and make a living out of it.

how to say this? People start from the front – what they are good at then reach the back – how can they impact society/ benefit themselves/ etc. I think I start from the back, and end up missing the front part. Most of the time, it wouldn’t make any money in the beginning because it takes time to create something original at the same time enjoying creating it. BUT as I see, it almost always pays off in the end.

The other thing is CREATING. creating something original is something that cannot be replicated 100%, but if it’s not original anyone can replicate. I’m looking for that original something I can create and call my own creatives.

39. Do whatever you want, unless there’s a good reason not to

Most of us go through life doing what we’re supposed to do, instead of what we want, subjugating our own dreams and desires to our perceived social obligations. When you have to make a decision, don’t start by asking yourself what you’re supposed to do. Instead, first ask yourself what you want to do. Then, ask yourself if there’s any compelling reason why you shouldn’t do that. If there aren’t, go ahead and do what you want.

—such an interesting point that starts with “Why Not” instead of “Supposed to”.

most of not. the “good” reason is better to stay safe, and do anything else incase we fail..

40. Invest in yourself sooner rather than later

I’ve invested a lot of money in myself over the years- by buying courses, or by hiring coaches, and in areas as diverse as business, social skills, fitness, kung-fu and singing. Every time I’ve invested in myself, I had been thinking about it for a long time before I finally decided to spend the money. And every time, once I invested in myself, I ended up kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

—Sometimes we see it as …. waste money, costs too much, etc. Me too, I am also that way. This year I took a leap, paid $3.5k for a course (which I thought wow kinda expensive) and went to take it for 10 weeks, 2x a week, plus presentation. I learned, made friends, and also on the last day – met someone who now helps me and checks on me once in awhile.

There’s always something or maybe someone (you will met) to gain out of it, although I might not use 100% of what was taught.

but learning, knowing and using just 1% more is better then 0%.

What are your thoughts on this?

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