Marching On. 

Wah March already. I remember every march, as the longest month in the year. It’s been a few years that i always never fail to think how come March so long? it has 31 days, and it’s like 5 weeks! Somehow this year, it’s already almost mid of the month. 

For Feb, i went to work a week as a teaching assistant for a digital marketing class. it was an eye opener to people of different age group as us, and how Singaporeans always feel like they are losing out or need to get big bang for their buck. I’m not sure what make us feel this way, but often yes i too feel i’m always at the losing end. Anyhow the month passed really quickly and the other was sitting at the salon for 8 hours.

Here’s the result, a much lighter head which i never done before. I told Caely (my hair dresser) that i hate how my hair colour becomes 3 different shades after while, bottom is dyed long ago, middle is the last time i done my hair and then top is black most recent. This time she gave me a bleach first then colour on, YES to not funny 3 tone hair. 
Can always trust her with my hair since years ago even before she engaged bloggers. Mom was with her first then mom recommended me to go to her. She’s at 313 Shunji matsuo. Her cut is always on point and grows out nicely. Even mel who didn’t want to cut there cus of the price told me later that her hair grew out so nicely. 

The other out of the norm thing, was that a pretty cat was abandoned at our park. She was so pregnant and was gg give birth. Later she ran into my neighbour home and gave birth in an empty fish tank. One day she just disappeared and  we didn’t know where she went. Alvin was annoying the shit out of me by asking me every single night if the cat is okay and if it was taken in by someone or was killed or kidnap or ava came and catch it. Omg, i thought i was so happy when it finally was gone because he spent long time feeding the cat downstairs, stroking the cat, etc. I’m not a compassionate person nor a cat person, but guess i had to company him. 

there was once i finished my jog/walk in the park and he said i say bye to the cat okay?  i said okay, he went over to the cat n sayang the cat n talked to her and i’m standing there waiting… for 15 mins!!! i was so patient in the beginning 5 mins.. then i thought okay lah let him, cus i m a nice wife. Then it became 15 mins or 20 mins. Then i’m like OIE are you done?! It’s been 15 mins leh! 😂 

Another time he said he go say bye to the cat, i said okay, i go back first ahahha! i learnt my lesson. Then he’s quickly said bye n ran after me. 

So anyway, she gave birth in my neignours house, and neighbour wasn’t very happy and kept wanting to throw her and her babies out. Her daughter had to keep convincing her that untill they are older then can let them go. She gave birth to three little ones and i didn’t know that they can come from different fathers. Basically all 3 looks different, different fur and different colour! 

Mom cat really chose her mates very selectively, they seem to be all branded cats. 

They were almost kicked out, so J who i came to know only early Feb, linked me up with friends / cat lovers who had a network for other cat lovers and fosterers. Within like a few hours, i found a foster home for them not far away from our house. We were happy because they were gonna be well taken care of. Like… i’m not even the cat lover here, but i did it because well if i can do something productive and really DO something, instead of my neighbour complaining that she didn’t want the cats in her house, i might as well right? And also partly because alvin loves them so much, and care for them so much, it is better to have them well taken care of. 

And after that less then a week, all of them found homes. They took them home about 5 weeks old. 

There was one more but she was given away the day before we visited them for the last time so we didn’t get photos. She was a gray one who everyone was crazy about and wanted to adopt. Gray is quite rare colour and her fur was the long type. dunno what breed but vet says those angmo breed. White one’s dad is likely a siamese. Black and white one i have no idea but her fur is already looking to be quite long. 

seriously they all turned out to be so pretty, the white one has pink ears on top (see the second pic) grey nose and likely blue eyes. The black and white has black ears only but her face is white. i mean what are the odds? some cats have one patch black eye 😂

Anyway, although i don’t feel extremely  much for them, i felt like okay i think i did something good and meaningful. Perhaps have met my quota for being good this year, i hope Santa gives me a nice present for Christmas. 

And that saying, we are FINALLY getting our house keys in April, most likely. Alvin and i have been having a contested debate about having cats in the house. i’m not sure yet, but knowing him, he’s going to bring home lots of kittens and also offer his house as a foster home for kittens. He insists its half his house as well, which i do not disagree. So i have said his cats and him can use the common toilet and some parts of the house (strictly half) hahahaha. But if any, i think kittens are extremely cute and maybe they will alleviate my loneliness of me being home  alone next time. 

We are looking forward to getting our keys and inviting friends over, yes you are allowed to play with any of alvin’s cats and also free to take them home with you. hahaha. 

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