What went on?

The last I updated was what, 2 months ago?

April was a month of many exciting things.

What went down 3 weeks back in April, we went for Yoges’s Hen Trip to Hong Kong and had a blast. Seriously, I never expected that we could travel together without killing each other. It was supposed to be 5 of us but Shu Ling is currently in Shanghai for work and it was just 4 of us doing stupid things in Hong Kong.

I am going to put some photos here when I get the photos on my desk top, we went to Disneyland (Can you imagine, I never liked things like rides and what not), rode the Ferry across their waters, visited Sai Wan Swimming Shed where everyone got intagrammable worthy photos, and stuffed out faces with lots of food. Plus as usual with mel around, the alcohol never stops, with viv around, the food never stops, with yoges around, the jokes never stop. With me around, the complains never stop. HAHAHA.

the washing lady 

girls who like bananas hahahahhaha
They always do wine and chips at night, of course I skip the alcohol and we tried alot of weird flavours that Singapore doesn’t have. Do you know that Lays have different flavours in different countries? There’s Lays flavour – Spicy Ma La Hot pot in Hong Kong.

I was surprised myself over Disneyland because I never thought we were seriously going there. I should have known because Mel loves loves loves Disneyland and Viv was super ons about it. Yoges and I was just meh so so because we are not into that stuff, but we surprisingly enjoyed it alot. I TOOK 3 RIDES. Disclaimer, I NEVER take rides because I am scared to death and I don’t like thrill stuff. I gripped yoges hand so hard, and screamed so much until i was thirsty but the others were laughing at me instead? I don’t get it. They said me screaming is damn funny. So I am not sitting any rides for another 10 years of my life.

The only thing we didn’t manage to do is, to climb a mountain/ go trekking. We wanted to do Dragon back or Victoria Peak, but we were just too spent on walking so much that our legs felt like they weren’t ours anymore.

Here’s the crazy shit ride that i did not go with them. it’s a U and it goes back n forth. Okay i video enough already. they were super owned when they came out, those people who have high ride tolerance, imagine me? i’ll be — . 

we stayed for the parade thing and fire works. mostly i took videos! 


Our ferry boat ride

Dim sum at dim Dum sum . 

victoria peak 


I almost forgot that earlier in April, alvin and I took a trip to Phuket. It is our first resort/beach holiday that we ever took because we feel like its not that worth it to pay so much for a beach holiday where you are just … at the beach. We prefer much part city and part country so we don’t get so bored. And surprisingly again, we were happy and so relaxed, and came back so refreshed. I really wanted to go for a “away” holiday that was not bustling and also at the sea side, because i love being near water somehow, like the sea and stuff.

We spent 4 Nights in Phuket, it was so so good. We booked in at Como Point Yamu and it is the poshest hotel/resort we ever stayed in. I tell you first that it isn’t cheap for most people so don’t gasp, but I think we have come much in our years of working that we can spend once in awhile. Plus we have not travelled far last year and this year – far means US, UK, EU.

 i’ll share more photos soon! it really looks like this. 



The other great news is, we got our home keys! We are going to be at Ghim Moh. We waited 4 plus years for it, its incredible to think how long it was and now that it has arrived, we are like oh wow ok. Honestly I never imagined myself to have my own place, how it will look, etc. I always loved big windows and thats only achievable in high end apartments or landed or not in Singapore.

Some asks why we chose there, its neither near my parents nor alvin’s parents. Our first ballot was Tiong Bahru Sale of Balance which we didn’t get and I think this was our second. When I saw our place being launched, I somehow knew that we would get it, it was near Church, and I had prayed for a place that was near MRT, and something else – I need to go check my diary from 2012. The location is a matured estate and walking distance to Buona Vista MRT, have hawker center and amenities nearby, lots of schools around. Later, Telok Blangah came out which is nearer to my parents, but to me it wasn’t as attractive and we already gotten a number to choose a unit and we just went with that. Alvin often says to me – why we didn’t ballot for AMK? he likes to be in his neighbourhood AMK, near his parents and convenient has alot of amenities. To that, I often tell him that even if people want to get our place also cannot. And even if we balloted for AMK area, we might not get either – although I would NEVER ballot for any there, hahaha. I truly believe that God had given us our home because we heard of many stories of not being able to get a number, or having to ballot in Punggol/ Sengkang where it will be hard for me to accept.

So, we have started our Renovation and i will say that it is even tougher then planning for a wedding. In terms of decision making, and pre-empting on what we might need to our living habits. Currently, we live with my parents in their house and we follow their rules and their habits. I find that during this time, it is a transition for alvin and i. We do have disagreements and expectations of each other but they are not as violent as I would think it could have been, if we had moved into our own house immediately after getting married.

So as it comes to the end of living with our parents, its a new beginning for us. You know people say their parents cry or whatever cus they are moving out, well my parents can’t wait for me to move out because my mom can have her own room and my dad can have his own room after that. Also they told me to take whatever I want from their house because they are going to do a major spring cleaning for their house and throw alot of stuff out. Ya they can’t wait for me to move out, and my products out. And on Alvin’s side, his dad has already moved into his room and sleeping on his bed happily. His dad told me like how he would repaint the room, all alvin’s cabinets will be moved out, and how he would rent the room out to 2/3 people so he can make more money. (He seems to have changed his mind now and just sleep there himself). Seems like both our parents really can’t wait and have already planned how they are going to use OUR spaces. Well, is that sad or what?

But this is growing up, being independent right?

And I also have some reservations like me being lonely myself at home when alvin’s out for night classes, etc. And most of the time I am at home myself during the day and also night if he comes back late. We are just throwing the idea around of having a cat but I am not sure how viable or how much work we want to put into caring for a cat.

But I have a feeling that things will turn out quite differently, after we move in because things don’t always pan out the way we think it might.


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